Your MMJ Recommendation in 2018

Many ask us why we still require the MMJ Recommendation if cannabis is now legal in California. The simple answer is that Prop 64 made cannabis legal for anyone 21 or over, but there are specifics in the law with respect to how it is sold. We continue to operate under the regulations related to medical dispensing, not recreational use and therefore the recommendation is still a requirement.

While the future is uncertain, here are some good reasons to maintain your recommendation.


What is a Recommendation?
“Physician’s recommendation” or a medical marijuana card means a recommendation from a licensed physician indicating that a person may benefit from the use of cannabis. Cannabis is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I drug and doctors are unable to prescribe it to their patients. But physicians can and many do, recommend its use.



What is a State ID Card?
The California Department of Public Health is responsible for issuing Medical Marijuana Identification Cards (MMICP), otherwise known as a state ID card. To apply for this card, visit:

State ID Card holders are exempt from the 7.5% local sales & use tax, sometimes local cannabis taxes, but NOT the 15% California Consumer Cannabis Excise Tax.


Why you should get (or renew) Your Recommendation for 2018

Some cities are only allowing Medical or Type M licenses, making a recommendation necessary if you want to purchase from a dispensary or delivery service near you.

If you are between the ages of 18-20, a medical recommendation will be required for access.

DAILY PURCHASE LIMITS (as of Jan 1, 2018)
If you have a recommendation, you are allowed to purchase more product or products with higher potency with each visit.
Flowers: 8 oz. vs 1 oz. for recreational use
Edibles: 100mg per package (beginning July 1, 2018 edibles will only be available in 100mg doses)
Tinctures, Capsules & Topicals: up to 2,000mg THC per container vs up to 1,000 for recreational use.

Some States outside of California will accept your CA Recommendation and often offer discounts on products as well as tax breaks.

Greenleaf Care – Carlsbad – 888.774.7076
Dr. Perry Sexton, M.D. – Encinitas – 760.274.1385
Dr. Arnold Kremer, D.O. – Del Mar – 858.925-8233

or ask your physician to complete form CDPH-9044