Meet the Team

Terry and Robbin specialize in helping people new or returning to cannabis understand and navigate all the latest methods for realizing the maximum benefits this plant has to offer. The lines of medicinal and recreational cannabis use have been greatly blurred over the last two decades. The Lynn’s have been driven to change the perception of who actually uses medicinal cannabis, helping people get past the stigma and elevating the industry through education, enlightenment and enrichment.

Operators & Consultants

Alexis, Beth, Dani, Heather and Stacey are your primary point of contact.

Whether it’s your first or 100th call, you can be sure you’ll be greeted with a friendly hello and your call will be handled in a highly professional, competent and knowledgeable style.

On-site consults are scheduled with Robbin, Alexis, Beth or Dani. Our goal is to make your visit comfortable, productive and educational.


Jeff, Marco and River support you by delivering your products when you need them. These men work very closely with the base team to ensure your selection is delivered accurately and on schedule.

Always clean-cut, professional and discreet, we take pride in ensuring our drivers exceed your expectations.

Packing your order correctly and dispatch of the drivers is managed by our efficient Sabrina, along with the help of Deanna and River. It is her pleasure to ensure your order arrives as expected.

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