RX-C firmly believes in the education, enlightenment and empowerment of MMJ Patients in California. We make it easy to share knowledge and all the latest products with your friends and family with THE RX-C EXPERIENCE.

The RX-C EXPERIENCE is an opportunity for you to have fun learning, laughing and sharing vital tips for achieving wellness through cannabis, while you earn host credits towards products that you prefer. The RX-C EXPERIENCE consultants handle the details while you sit back and spend quality time with your guests. From flowers, to concentrates to tinctures and topical to edibles, you choose the themes that are most important to you.  Sign up to Host an RX-C EXPERIENCE and start sharing this unique new concept in cannabis delivery with your friends and family and receive free* and discounted products. Call us at 760 849 8250 for details.

The RX-C EXPERIENCE is offered exclusively to Existing Members only.