Elevating Cannabis -December News From RX-C

Member Mingle

Because we know how busy December can be for so many, we have decided to postpone our popular Member Mingle until after the first of the year. Mark your calendars now for January 26, 2017 when we’ll resume our usual third Thursday of each month Member Mingle.

Toys for Tots

Now, through December 9, we’ll be collecting Toys for Tots. It’s easy to help make Christmas brighter for struggling families. And at RX-C it’s easy to participate; just give an unwrapped toy to one of our Drivers or bring it to your next Appt or Grab n Go. We’ll be collecting the toys until Friday, December 9.

Give the joy of Christmas, donate a toy today.

The One Minute Cannabist

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first in a series of books designed to make it easy for those new to medicinal cannabis.

One Minute Cannabist

The One Minute Cannabist was written by seniors, for seniors looking to understand and navigate the world of medicinal cannabis. There is wealth of information available for people who are new to cannabis and it can be quite overwhelming.

Written in easy to understand, digestible chapters that can be read quickly and used as a guide to return to as often as needed, it’s a perfect primer for those new to the world and a great reference for anyone already in the know. It also makes a great gift for someone who is thinking about exploring this world, but hasn’t taken the first step yet.

Learn more and get your copy today. Use Promo code MEMBER for a 50% discount off the retail $19.99

Share Your Cannabis Success

To continue to enlighten people as to how cannabis can help, we’ve created a Cannabis Successes section on our website. If you would like to share your story, please send an email with details to

Holiday & Regular Operating Schedule

Holiday Schedule:
Open Saturday, December 24 – 10am-2pm – for delivery and Grab n Go only
Closed on Sunday December 25 for Christmas
Open Saturday, December 31 10am-7pm
Closed on Sunday, January 1, 2017

All other days in December:
Open Monday – Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, closed Sunday.

Grab n Go* orders may be placed and picked up during the week, Monday-Friday 2pm – 6:45pm and from 1030am -3:45pm on Saturday.


Elevating Cannabis -September News from RX-C

As we all too quickly approach the final quarter of 2016. We’ve got some exciting things planned throughout the Fall so be sure to keep an eye on our website and your inbox. But for September, here’s the scoop:

RX-C After Dark: Member Mingle Thursday, September 15 – 6pm-9pm

“RX-C After Dark: Member Mingle is offered the third Thursday of each month. This unique venue provides members with the opportunity to: Sample new products, Socialize in our vape lounge, Explore new therapies, Take advantage of special product discounts, Meet our team, including our amazing growers, all, while enjoying the company of like-minded fellow members.

This month’s highlight will be getting a head start on cold and flu season. We’ll share some tried and true methods for minimizing your exposure with cannabis therapies. As always, we’ll offer product samplings, our vape lounge, some freebies, promotional pricing on select products and light fare/dessert.

Mingle from 6pm – 9pm, but space is limited and will fill up fast. RSVP is required for admittance.

Please RSVP to, TXT us at 760 579 2262 or call us at 760 849 8250.

Refer a Friend

September 10-30, refer a friend and receive bonus Referral Rewards. Every new member you refer will accumulate points toward their Member Reward and you’ll receive a bonus referral reward based on their donation level:

$50                      1 referral gram
$100                    2 grams or $35 value item of your choice
$200                    4 grams or $65 value item of your choice
>$300                  $100 value item(s) of your choice

And speaking of Member Rewards, effective October 1, we’ll be rolling out a new Member Rewards program. Every dollar donated will result in a point. Points may be redeemed for a selection of products which will change quarterly. More news to come as we work through the logistics of administering the program.

 New Products

We welcome the return of Hummingbird Lane Tinctures.

We’re pleased to now offer Moxie Meds, a new tincture line designed by women for women.

Operating Schedule

Open Monday – Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, closed Sunday.

Grab n Go* orders may be placed and picked up during the week, Monday-Friday 2pm – 6:45pm and from 1030am -3:45pm on Saturday.

*What is a Grab n Go you say? If you know exactly what you want, just place your order via phone, txt, online or email and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up. You’re in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Thank you for your continued confidence and support.

The Team at RX-C


The Next Trend in Fitness

Ingesting Cannabis and working up a heavy sweat aren’t topics you typically find paired together. With the Cannabis industry growing faster than ever patients are looking at new ways to utilize their medicine.

As a long term Cannabis user, I’ve found a way to incorporate it into nearly every aspect of life. I use it as a sleep aid, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory and now, as an energy boost providing crisp focus before a long workout.  Two years ago when my interest in exercise and nutrition began to expand, I worried that my love for Cannabis would interfere with my hopes to work up to running a 5k and eventually half marathon or that it may distract me from staying focused on my goals. At that time, I was not as educated on the plant as I am now and didn’t know how it might affect my new hobby. However, what I learned yet again, was that this wonderful plant had more uses in store for me to discover. It seems like the rest of the world is starting to realize the same as legalization and research efforts grow.

The “runner’s high” many describe is an activation of the same receptors in your brain that Cannabis interacts with. This explains why after understanding how to utilize exercise, so many become avid gym attendees. The same happens with Cannabis. Many users aren’t sure just how helpful it is when we first start, but end up finding a plethora of ways it improves day to day quality of life. So how can Cannabis make work outs better?

Whether you’re looking for a boost at the beginning of a workout or an aid to help you through the aches and pains that come with healing sore muscles, there are a variety of ways Cannabis can help.

Raw Cannabis Juice is a perfect way to start any productive day. A 1-2oz serving provides a crisp energy boost and added mobility. Other benefits include pain relief, inflammation reduction and it even assists with weight loss and hormonal balance.

For those with a tolerance for THC, it can be a great addition to your actual workout. When I wake up extra early, a sativa acts as my “pre-workout” energizer to get my mind and body going. Once I’m ready to go, I transfer that energy into longer strides on a run. It also provides a euphoric boost and as you get into the rhythm of a long run, the effects only improve. The body produces more of its own cannabinoids during exercise and releases stored deposits of THC at simultaneously contributing further to the euphoric benefits received.

Deeper stretches after a good run or on my yoga mat are another place Cannabis and fitness converge. Our CBDream cartridge from Cirrus is a house favorite for yoga practice as it allows for relaxation, opening mind and body, without being over stimulating or sedative.

Cannabis can also help to increase or decrease your appetite depending on the strain selected. Some strains will have you running for the kitchen, others will have you so entranced in an activity the last thing you’re thinking about is shoveling down food. If you’re trying to make major gains, an appetite stimulant like Blue Haze or Pineapple Express would be a good choice. If you’re hoping to avoid the kitchen a THCV+CBD Medi Cone can help to suppress appetite while maintaining a focused, calm demeanor.

Rest is also an enormous part of both gaining mass and recovery. For those of us with active imaginations or sore restless legs, sleep can be a real challenge. Having an Indica to reach for in the evenings is the perfect way to get rest without feeling weighed down for your workouts the next day.

For those looking to improve their health without the help of chemicals or steroids, Cannabis could be a wonderful supplement, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It should be noted that it is crucial to find your optimal dose and product type to have consistent experiences. With a little trial and error coupled with proper guidance most of us can achieve this rather easily.


Our trained Member Consultants are here to assist you.
Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a consult today.


What’s New this Week

This week, we’re pleased to add a Sativa and a high CBD Strain to our shelves, along with three new cartridges from our friends at Brite Labs.

New Sativa Flower: Querkle

Introducing Querkle! This sativa dominant hybrid (a cross of Purple Erkle and Space Queen) is on our shelves today and we are very excited to share it. Cortney says, “It smells like the first day of spring. Its the perfect strain to start your day with.”