Can CBD Undo the Anxious Side Effects of THC?

We hear from new members often that they worry about using THC products because they’ve had an experience in the past that was more intense than they would have liked. Many times this is caused by taking too large of a dose or simply having a sensitivity to a particular strain. We enjoy telling members they can utilize CBD as a way to calm some of the effects of THC. As this article says, “CBD balances the buzz and softens the euphoria or dysphoria THC sometimes provides.” Click below for the full article from Leafly. For the full article click here.

How Long Do Cannabinoids Stay in Our Bodies?

It’s an age old question and one we hear frequently. There is no 100% definitive answer, but hopefully this  insightful article may give you peace of mind when it’s time for the dreaded test. Click to read full article.

“Start, maintain and end your day with Brite Labs 1:1 Cartridges”

If you’re interested in trying a high CBD and THC cartridge we highly recommend the Brite Labs 1:1 Cartridges. Our deliveries manager, Victoria says: “Start, maintain and end your day with 1:1 Brite Labs Cartridge. It helps me to achieve the the calm, balanced life I desire.”

5 Ways Marijuana Effects Your Sleep

One of the main complaints we hear from members is that they have trouble with sleeping. Many have found relief by using cannabis products.This article highlights just a few of the reasons cannabis is so helpful. Read more here.

Doctor Says Cannabidiol Paste Could Be A Potential Cure for Lyme Disease

More and more uses for medical cannabis are being found each day. These new findings may be very exciting news for people suffering from Lyme disease.

Read more here.

Here are 4 ways cannabis is good for your brain — and may save your life

Some scientific evidence and support for the therapeutic uses of Cannabis. The scientific literature on Cannabis is expanding daily! There is so much more to be discovered. Read more here.

Cannabis Smoke May Benefit Asthma and Lung Functions

Terry is living proof of how cannabis treats asthma. At 16 when he started to smoke weed, he was able to stop using his inhaler for the first time in his life. Read more here. 

Why America’s Children Have A Right to Get High

“What is wrong with kids getting high?” This is definitely the million dollar question. And it doesn’t just apply just to kids. We hear this from baby boomers too who are afraid to get “high”. I particularly appreciate the perspective about how no one questions pharma products and their effects. Read more here.

5 Surprising things to know about the endocannabinoid system

Understanding the Endocannabinoid system is important for both cannabis users and non-users alike, as it’s impact on one’s health is unparalleled. Read more here.