Durban Poison Has Returned

Durban Poison is officially back on the shelf. One of the last pure sativa strains, this crop is organically greenhouse grown here in Southern California and tests at 22% THC / 0.19% CBD.

Durban Poison is a reliable option for relief from stress, anxiety and depression. This particular batch is a pungent one, filled with little white trichomes. This strain is extremely effective for releasing tension and neck pain, allowing for a more focus on the task at hand. An energy boost is also noticeable when using Durban Poison making it an optimum strain for daytime activities requiring attention to detail and an upbeat perspective. Every time we receive Durban Poison calls pour in from people searching for it. Place your order today before this supply is depleted.

Cortney’s Corner: Dream Potion #9 & Daywrecker OG

October is here. The days have gotten shorter, the air is getting more cool and crisp and our flower menu has an abundance of new strains. I’m excited to share my reviews of two of those strains with you. Be sure to view the full flower menu when making your selections as we have many high quality offerings.

My top pick on the menu is without a doubt, Dream Potion #9. A cross of Durban Poison and Blue Dream, the unique euphoria of Durban Poison is at the forefront of effects provided. A big smile coupled with the mental and physical relaxation of Blue Dream genetics make this my top recommendation for energy, euphoria and a wonderful sativa option for anxiety and depression. As some one that can be sensitive to sativa strains, I feel that the balance provided between mind and body make it a great selection for times when a subtle, happy lift is desired. If you enjoy a balanced sativa, I encourage you to give Dream Potion #9 a try.

Daywrecker OG is currently my favorite indica available. Strains like this one are uniquely useful and versatile. Daywrecker OG can be used as an end of day remedy to release all stresses and focus on being in the moment. The cerebral effects of a low dose are alert, euphoric and relaxed making it easy to socialize and focus. Aches and pains of the day quickly fade away, replaced by a tingly relaxation making it an ideal option if you want to skip that evening glass of wine. With a heavier dose one can expect a powerful relaxation and deep level of rest. Daywrecker OG is a multi-faceted strain for relieving anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.


Berry White and Tangie OG

We have some fantastic strains on the menu and I’m thrilled to highlight some of them for you over the coming weeks.

In my time working at RX-C I’ve developed an appreciation for the unique effects Indicas provide vs. Sativas. Up until then my choices would tend to fall short of my expectations because I hadn’t learned what to look for. Over the last 2 years I’ve lent special attention toward strain varieties, terpene profiles and cannabinoid ratios, their effects and how each individual’s experiences may vary.

At this time, we have an abundance of strains whose quality deserves to be recognized on the menu. I’m excited to talk to you this week about our Berry White and Tangie OG.

Cannabis connoisseurs will recognize the Berry White strain immediately. Known for it’s pain relieving effects, Berry is a positive, happily sedating indica. For those looking for a night of true relaxation and deep sleep, Berry White is your guy.

Tangie OG has been a favorite strain of mine for years for its aroma and lift. Needless to say, when it came on the menu I was ready to sample it. Upon my first exhale I felt my sinuses relax and was able to breath more clearly immediately. The other relief I received came in the form of crisp focus and mental uplift at the end of a long day. Tangie OG is a great strain for daytime relief without feeling slow or foggy.

It is a joy for us to have a such a variety of options available to members. Take a look at our menu to compare what is available for your particular needs and we can discuss the best fits for you on your next order. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Berry White and Tangie OG on your next phone call.

Pandora’s Box

Searching for that perfect strain to help you give you an energizing lift? Look no further. New on our shelves this week is Pandora’s Box. This Sativa strain has a pungent lemon aroma, kind of spicy. Like that of Jack Herer. This strain burns a smooth smoke. Its effects are very soaring, uplifted and thought racing.
Best for: Stress – Pain – Insomnia
Top effects: Happy – Relaxed – Euphoric – Creative

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New Flower on the Shelves Today

We are putting new flower on the shelves today. One of them is the famous Jack Herer. The spicy, pine scent, dense buds, and fiery red hairs that made this strain famous can definitely be found in our Jack.

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain.

Lab Results: 17.73% THC .15% CBD

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New Sativa Flower: Querkle

Introducing Querkle! This sativa dominant hybrid (a cross of Purple Erkle and Space Queen) is on our shelves today and we are very excited to share it. Cortney says, “It smells like the first day of spring. Its the perfect strain to start your day with.”