Medical Marijuana in Israel could assist California’s Industry

When comparing the Israel and California Cannabis markets and approach to the plant there are undeniable similarities. Both places still have a lot of room to mature but the growth of each in the last few decades is undeniable and in some ways, dependent upon each other. Click here for the full article.

Medical Cannabis Research Growing But Hurdles Remain

Although we have come a long way, until Cannabis is moved to a Schedule 2 drug research will be extremely limited. In the mean time, states may take research into their own hands. Click here for the full article.

Medical Marijuana to treat melanoma patients; Trials to begin soon

When we hear about research like this being done in the rest of the world it is thrilling to think about where that may lead. Potentially 55,000 Australians could benefit from this study. For the full article click here.

Top 5 benefits of cannabis for diabetes

Did you know that there is substantial evidence showing that cannabis may treat and even prevent diabetes? This is a great article highlighting some of the benefits of medical cannabis. Read more here.

Cannabis reverses late-stage Alzheimer’s

“A daughter tells the arduous caretaker story of managing her mother’s final stages of Alzheimer’s by getting her on medical marijuana and off pharmaceuticals. Her mother arrived at her Oregon home in really bad shape with Alzheimer’s with a prognosis of six months to live.” Read more here.



10 Biggest Pot Myths, Debunked by Science

“Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification (for cannabis) is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or that information on safety is lacking.” Read more here.


Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells.

“The world has come a long way with with regards to accepting this plant as a medicine rather than a harmful substance. It’s a plant that could benefit the planet in more ways than one. Cannabis is not something offered in the same regard as chemotherapy, but more people are becoming aware if it, which is why it’s so important to continue to spread information like this. Nobody can really deny the tremendous healing power of this plant.”

Read the full article here.