Durban Poison Has Returned

Durban Poison is officially back on the shelf. One of the last pure sativa strains, this crop is organically greenhouse grown here in Southern California and tests at 22% THC / 0.19% CBD.

Durban Poison is a reliable option for relief from stress, anxiety and depression. This particular batch is a pungent one, filled with little white trichomes. This strain is extremely effective for releasing tension and neck pain, allowing for a more focus on the task at hand. An energy boost is also noticeable when using Durban Poison making it an optimum strain for daytime activities requiring attention to detail and an upbeat perspective. Every time we receive Durban Poison calls pour in from people searching for it. Place your order today before this supply is depleted.

Cortney’s Corner: Dream Potion #9 & Daywrecker OG

October is here. The days have gotten shorter, the air is getting more cool and crisp and our flower menu has an abundance of new strains. I’m excited to share my reviews of two of those strains with you. Be sure to view the full flower menu when making your selections as we have many high quality offerings.

My top pick on the menu is without a doubt, Dream Potion #9. A cross of Durban Poison and Blue Dream, the unique euphoria of Durban Poison is at the forefront of effects provided. A big smile coupled with the mental and physical relaxation of Blue Dream genetics make this my top recommendation for energy, euphoria and a wonderful sativa option for anxiety and depression. As some one that can be sensitive to sativa strains, I feel that the balance provided between mind and body make it a great selection for times when a subtle, happy lift is desired. If you enjoy a balanced sativa, I encourage you to give Dream Potion #9 a try.

Daywrecker OG is currently my favorite indica available. Strains like this one are uniquely useful and versatile. Daywrecker OG can be used as an end of day remedy to release all stresses and focus on being in the moment. The cerebral effects of a low dose are alert, euphoric and relaxed making it easy to socialize and focus. Aches and pains of the day quickly fade away, replaced by a tingly relaxation making it an ideal option if you want to skip that evening glass of wine. With a heavier dose one can expect a powerful relaxation and deep level of rest. Daywrecker OG is a multi-faceted strain for relieving anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.


Berry White and Tangie OG

We have some fantastic strains on the menu and I’m thrilled to highlight some of them for you over the coming weeks.

In my time working at RX-C I’ve developed an appreciation for the unique effects Indicas provide vs. Sativas. Up until then my choices would tend to fall short of my expectations because I hadn’t learned what to look for. Over the last 2 years I’ve lent special attention toward strain varieties, terpene profiles and cannabinoid ratios, their effects and how each individual’s experiences may vary.

At this time, we have an abundance of strains whose quality deserves to be recognized on the menu. I’m excited to talk to you this week about our Berry White and Tangie OG.

Cannabis connoisseurs will recognize the Berry White strain immediately. Known for it’s pain relieving effects, Berry is a positive, happily sedating indica. For those looking for a night of true relaxation and deep sleep, Berry White is your guy.

Tangie OG has been a favorite strain of mine for years for its aroma and lift. Needless to say, when it came on the menu I was ready to sample it. Upon my first exhale I felt my sinuses relax and was able to breath more clearly immediately. The other relief I received came in the form of crisp focus and mental uplift at the end of a long day. Tangie OG is a great strain for daytime relief without feeling slow or foggy.

It is a joy for us to have a such a variety of options available to members. Take a look at our menu to compare what is available for your particular needs and we can discuss the best fits for you on your next order. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Berry White and Tangie OG on your next phone call.

Cortney’s Corner: Soul Assassin

This is my new favorite Indica on the shelf. There are a few particular things that make me fall in love with a strain. I like a certain flavor, aroma, density and onset of effects. The Soul Assassin was given to me to take home and sample. I was warned that it is a heavy bodied strain providing profound body relaxation so I chose to wait until the end of the evening to give it a try. Upon my first inhalation I felt more comfortable in my own skin, the effects started in my chest and moved down into my body. I felt relaxed, happy and content enough to dive into my current book (The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman) for a relaxing escape from reality. When I was ready for bed I ingested some more and immediately found my eyelids were heavy and ready for a long night’s sleep. If you’re looking for pain relief, deep relaxation or “couch lock” I highly recommend trying the Soul Assassin on your next order.


For a full view of the rest of our organic Indica selection, click here.



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Meet Lovingly & Legally

We are pleased to now offer products from Lovingly & Legally to our members. Lovingly & Legally is a popular brand from Mendocino county that is operated by a wonderful couple, Paul and Susan. Their products are, just like their name, made with love. Using only sun-kissed organic flowers grown from seed in their garden, and 190 proof, certified organic, certified pharmaceutical grade alcohol or certified organic, cold pressed grape seed oil, the finished products are simple, yet very effective.

The Spray
Cannabis is soaked in alcohol in small batches for 3 months and succussed daily for maximum extraction.  This is a cold process so the cannabinoids are in their acid form which research shows has a better anti-inflammatory properties.  There are no added ingredients or fragrances.  Spray on sparingly and let the alcohol evaporate and all that’s left on the skin is the whole plant extracted medicine.

The Oil
Cannabis is covered in grape seed oil, in a vessel, at a constant 100 degrees for 24 hours.  The warm extraction does not activate (decarboxylate) the cannabinoids.  Apply sparingly.  Grape seed oil is less viscous than other oils for better absorption.

Using only organic CBD rich strains and 190 proof, certified organic, certified pharmaceutical grade alcohol, Lovingly & Legally produces different ratios to target specific ailments.

If you suffer from physical muscular or joint pain, ask us for a sample of The Spray or The Oil with your next order.

The Fall Crop is Looking Great

As many of you know, we work closely with only a few select growers in northern California for the flowers we offer to our members. This years’ crop from our grower in Sacramento is in full production as you can clearly see from the image. Pictured here is Chad (who measures in at 6’1 by the way) among a few of the girls that will be harvested in Oct/Nov. We’re looking forward to  seeing another award winning strain from this garden and more importantly, sharing this vital medicine with all our members. Send lots of “growing” energy their way.

Berry White is BACK

A favorite strain, Berry White is back on the shelf. This shipment comes direct to us from Tim Blake’s  garden in Mendocino county. A perfectly balanced indica enjoyed by many. If you haven’t tried this strain, we highly recommend you do.

As we continue to enhance our offerings, in addition to the standard lab results, the terpene profile for Berry White is also available.

Iced Cannabis Tea

With the hottest days of the year upon us and so many summer activities to partake in, I’m always excited to find new, discreet and tasty ways to medicate. Personally, I’ve been using our cannabis infused herbal teas for months to alleviate anxiety and help with sleeping problems. I love our high CBD blends for the days I can’t seem to shake anxiety. Whether I wake up with the jitters or can’t calm my mind at night, a cup of tea gives me just enough of a calming sensation. It also provides me the ability to breath more deeply than I typically can when I wake up with anxious. Normally, I feel like there’s an elephant sitting on my chest and it takes hours, sometimes days to subside.

So there I was a few days ago, it was 7am and the hot sun was beaming into the house already. I’d had a rough day before and woke up with the previous days anxieties biting at my heels. The early heat made my typical tea ritual sound rather unappetizing so, I decided to try something new and see what our infused teas are like iced. I steeped my tea bag for 6-8 minutes like normal and then let it cool while I got ready for the day. When I returned I poured it over ice and was pleasantly surprised! I’ve been a lover of our Canna Cacao Tea for months already. I always describe it to members as a “full bodied flavor”. Over ice the sweetness is enhanced and all of the flavors really shine. After the first sip I knew I was onto something and I’ve been hooked since.

After such a discovery I couldn’t wait to share with everyone at the collective what I’d discovered. I learned that I was not the first to think of this nor was I the only diehard fan. Stories poured out from my fellow tea lovers about how they took the tea with them to the pool or the beach, or even in a bottle in their purse to be ingested before a nerve wracking meeting. It was then recommended that for an enhanced experience I can always add a medicated honey stick to relieve any pain the tea alone may not be strong enough to help. Suddenly I couldn’t wait to get my next headache to give this a try. And shortly after, the phrase “heal your head ache” become a saying among all of us tea and honey lovers at RX-C.

On top of that, there are some other exciting benefits of the organic herbs and spices accompanying cannabis in our teas. Listed below are just a few of the benefits to be experienced when using RX-C Tea.

  • Pu-erh leaf: Helps lower cholesterol, has antimutagenic and antimicrobial properties that help prevent tooth decay, and strengthens the immune system. Some experts even believe it helps to prevent cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease.
  • Lemongrass: Nutritionally, lemongrass is a good source of vitamins A and C, folate, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. It also has minute traces of B vitamins. It is also know for helping with digestion, arthritis pain, depression, reducing body odor, controls cholesterol levels and even fights cancer.
  • Rooibos: Rich in antioxidants and minerals, improves blood circulation and helps to settle an upset stomach.

In a world where we have to be our own advocate about what goes into our bodies, I’m so thankful to have relief from these natural products. Not only are they natural and have no side effects, but there are properties of each and every tea that have been chosen in particular to provide a more healthful, happy life. RX-C currently offers 7 flavors to choose from. If you’d like to activate the THC, some sort of fat soluble substance such as cream, coconut oil, etc may be added to the water. My personal favorite is a dash of almond milk. Let us know what you think of a cup of organic iced cannabis tea.


RX-C Teas are a great addition to any medicinal cannabis therapy. Placing dried cannabis in hot water will not activate THC so there is very little to no psychoactive effect. Patients who use this report a pleasant body high, diminished pain and anxiety, increased relaxation and overall feeling of well being.

Our trained Member Consultants are here to assist you. Please contact us with any questions or to request an in-home consult today.



What’s New This Week

Two new items are available for our members this week:

The Flav, an indica dominant cross of Romulan and Space Queen is sure to please both sativa and indica lovers alike.

Sensi Chew Extra Strength. A favorite edible with many of our members for pain relief and sleep is now available in a 200mg package and at just $25, it’s a great way to stretch your budget.

Mr. Nice is Back

Members who have been with us from the beginning know that Mr. Nice has always been a staple in our shop so we’re very pleased to announce today that it is once again back on our shelves.

And now that we have this beautiful, simple to use new web site, and because Mr. Nice was grown by our good friend and key flower partner, Tim Blake, we thought it fitting to use this tool as a way to introduce Tim to our member community.

Our Mr. Nice, among other strains currently on our shelves, is grown by Tim who is owner of Healing Harvest Farms in Mendocino County. Tim is a master organic grower, with more than four decades experience.  A beautiful, compassionate and warm human being, he has been part of the evolution of the cannabis industry witnessing every aspect of the incredible journey.

In 1998, Tim created Area 101, a spiritual sanctuary and event center for all faiths, devoted to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Over the years, he’s produced a wide range of events, including The Emerald Cup. Along with creating the Cup, Tim sponsored and helped produce the first gathering of law enforcement and growers, to openly discuss how they would work together. These debates between the sheriff candidates helped get Tom Allman elected as sheriff of Mendocino County. Hundreds of people came forward to participate in these historical debates, which lead the District Attorneys coming to Area 101 for debates before the cannabis growers of Mendocino County also.

Tim’s mission has always been focused on bringing cannabis out of the closet and back to its rightful place as the most important healing medicine on the planet. At the same time, making it something that everyone should have safe and easy access to. He had been dedicated to doing everything he can to ensure that it is grown to the highest possible standards of organic, sustainable gardening. Most of all, he wants to help bring a halt to the prosecution and imprisonment of people growing and distributing this magical healing plant.  Due to a series of life threatening health issues, Tim has come to realize how important it is for everyone to not only grow organic cannabis but to also live organic lives; from the food they eat to the clothes they wear, to the homes they live in.

We hope you’ll enjoy Mr. Nice even more knowing where it comes from and how much devotion is put into growing it for our members.