Mexico Legalizes Medicinal Cannabis

The day after the United States categorized CBD as a dangerous narcotic with the same potential to harm as heroin, Mexico has legalized medical cannabis for all. When faced with a problem like violent nation-wide cartels, Mexico has finally decided to take cultivation and control of the plant away from criminals and back into the hands of the government and the people. For more on the topic, Merry Jane has written a great article you can read here.

How Medical Marijuana Could Help Baby Boomers

As a collective that caters to the Baby Boomers, we have been echoing the same sentiments in this article for years. We have seen first-hand time and time again what a life changer Medical Cannabis can be for a more mature population. Click below for a full article explaining how seniors across the U.S. are benefiting. Click here for the full article.

Marin health board member proposes open use of medical marijuana at Marin General

Northern California is a different climate when it comes to Cannabis than San Diego. The discussion is much more open up north so it is encouraging to see discussions like this one being had. The idea of inhalation units being used here like they are in Israel makes the potential reality of it all that much more exciting. If Marin General were to start openly prescribing Cannabis, that would mean progress not just for California, but for the entire country in helping to end the opioid epidemic. Take some time to read about this interesting new discussion here.

These Stats are Exactly Why Big Pharma is Scared of Medical Cannabis

We have the privilege every day of seeing people leave behind the pharmaceuticals that have caused just as much harm as they were meant to help. When you look at the big picture and see what Cannabis is doing for people across the country, it is impossible to deny it’s relieving benefits. Read the newest statistics on states with and without Medical Cannabis here.

Medical Marijuana in Israel could assist California’s Industry

When comparing the Israel and California Cannabis markets and approach to the plant there are undeniable similarities. Both places still have a lot of room to mature but the growth of each in the last few decades is undeniable and in some ways, dependent upon each other. Click here for the full article.

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Top 5 benefits of cannabis for diabetes

Did you know that there is substantial evidence showing that cannabis may treat and even prevent diabetes? This is a great article highlighting some of the benefits of medical cannabis. Read more here.

Doctor Says Cannabidiol Paste Could Be A Potential Cure for Lyme Disease

More and more uses for medical cannabis are being found each day. These new findings may be very exciting news for people suffering from Lyme disease.

Read more here.

Here are 4 ways cannabis is good for your brain — and may save your life

Some scientific evidence and support for the therapeutic uses of Cannabis. The scientific literature on Cannabis is expanding daily! There is so much more to be discovered. Read more here.

How Cannabis can help Chronic Pain, as explained by a Scientist

“The search for safer alternatives prompted research into cannabis’ effects as an analgesic and scientists are now beginning to unravel how the compounds in cannabis interact with the body to produce these effects in a less harmful and less addicting fashion than over the counter medications and prescribed pharmaceuticals.” Read more here.