Elevating Cannabis: January News

Save The Date: Thursday February 9

Whole Lotta LOVE Member Mingle

The Member Mingle is a unique “Members Only” venue that gives you an opportunity to sample new products, socialize in our vape lounge, explore new therapies, take advantage of special product discounts, meet our team, including our amazing suppliers, all, while enjoying the company of like-minded fellow members.

February’s theme “Whole Lotta Love” is in homage to St. Valentines, but also a way for us to show our love and appreciation to our members. Carmen will be offering a special Reiki overview & demo, Dani will be offering complimentary chair massages and the rest of the team will be sharing some tried and true methods for maximizing results from cannabis therapies.

Space is limited and will fill up fast. Please RSVP to, TXT us at 760 579 2262 or call us at 760 849 8250.

We’re Growing To Serve You Better

You’ll be hearing some new voices on the phone this month as we ramp up staffing in answer to your demands for more flexibility in receiving your products. As we train the team, we’ll continue to modify the services and hours we are available to meet your schedules.

To accommodate more members, we are now offering 15-minute Browse & Select Appointments in our showroom. Visit: for full details.

Grab N Go is offered to existing members only. If you know what you need, call us 30 minutes ahead and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. See hours this service is available below and know we look forward to expanding those hours even more in February.

RX-C offers a complimentary rewards program for all its members. Every time you make a donation, you’re earning points toward FREE products. On top of purchase points, you can also earn 100 bonus points for every new member you refer. Watch the reward points add up as you enjoy our quality, organic cannabis products. Our 2017 program is now in effect. See full program details.

Cannabis and Pets

From anxiety, to arthritis, to hip dysplasia, to making a pet’s final days more comfortable and a myriad of conditions in between, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and other domestic animals globally are benefiting from cannabis therapies. We’ve learned quite a bit in the past few years. Read more.

Flower Power

We’re pleased to offer several unique sun-kissed, outdoor varieties from our grow partners in Mendocino county. We’re also now stocking 1/8ths from Emerald Farms Cooperative, priced $50-$55 per 1/8th.  See Flower on our menu for options and full details.

January Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am-7pm
Appts available beginning at 1130am
Grab n Go orders available to pick up beginning at 1pm
Friday 10am-6pm (deliveries scheduled in advance available till 7pm)
Appts available beginning at 1130am
Grab n Go orders available to pick up beginning at 1pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Appts available beginning at 1030am
Grab n Go orders available to pick up beginning at 11am

We are Elevating Cannabis.


Cortney’s Corner: Dream Potion #9 & Daywrecker OG

October is here. The days have gotten shorter, the air is getting more cool and crisp and our flower menu has an abundance of new strains. I’m excited to share my reviews of two of those strains with you. Be sure to view the full flower menu when making your selections as we have many high quality offerings.

My top pick on the menu is without a doubt, Dream Potion #9. A cross of Durban Poison and Blue Dream, the unique euphoria of Durban Poison is at the forefront of effects provided. A big smile coupled with the mental and physical relaxation of Blue Dream genetics make this my top recommendation for energy, euphoria and a wonderful sativa option for anxiety and depression. As some one that can be sensitive to sativa strains, I feel that the balance provided between mind and body make it a great selection for times when a subtle, happy lift is desired. If you enjoy a balanced sativa, I encourage you to give Dream Potion #9 a try.

Daywrecker OG is currently my favorite indica available. Strains like this one are uniquely useful and versatile. Daywrecker OG can be used as an end of day remedy to release all stresses and focus on being in the moment. The cerebral effects of a low dose are alert, euphoric and relaxed making it easy to socialize and focus. Aches and pains of the day quickly fade away, replaced by a tingly relaxation making it an ideal option if you want to skip that evening glass of wine. With a heavier dose one can expect a powerful relaxation and deep level of rest. Daywrecker OG is a multi-faceted strain for relieving anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.


Berry White and Tangie OG

We have some fantastic strains on the menu and I’m thrilled to highlight some of them for you over the coming weeks.

In my time working at RX-C I’ve developed an appreciation for the unique effects Indicas provide vs. Sativas. Up until then my choices would tend to fall short of my expectations because I hadn’t learned what to look for. Over the last 2 years I’ve lent special attention toward strain varieties, terpene profiles and cannabinoid ratios, their effects and how each individual’s experiences may vary.

At this time, we have an abundance of strains whose quality deserves to be recognized on the menu. I’m excited to talk to you this week about our Berry White and Tangie OG.

Cannabis connoisseurs will recognize the Berry White strain immediately. Known for it’s pain relieving effects, Berry is a positive, happily sedating indica. For those looking for a night of true relaxation and deep sleep, Berry White is your guy.

Tangie OG has been a favorite strain of mine for years for its aroma and lift. Needless to say, when it came on the menu I was ready to sample it. Upon my first exhale I felt my sinuses relax and was able to breath more clearly immediately. The other relief I received came in the form of crisp focus and mental uplift at the end of a long day. Tangie OG is a great strain for daytime relief without feeling slow or foggy.

It is a joy for us to have a such a variety of options available to members. Take a look at our menu to compare what is available for your particular needs and we can discuss the best fits for you on your next order. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Berry White and Tangie OG on your next phone call.

Hybrids: An (Often) Overlooked Gem

So often our members tell us they prefer just an Indica or Sativa dominant strain and we certainly respect that, but sometimes a balanced hybrid can be the perfect solution for what you wish to remedy with cannabis.

Today, there are very few pure sativa or indica strains grown. When they become available from our growers, we always jump on the opportunity to add them to our menu. But the truth is that most strains grown today are in fact a hybrid of some sort. It’s all a matter of which way the strain swings, either mostly sativa or mostly indica in overall effects.

When we add a strain to our menu, we classify the variety as follows:

Indica >60% indica dominant in overall effects
Sativa >60% sativa dominant in overall effects
Hybrid  50% sativa effects / 50% indica effects

Once in awhile, we do receive products which are very balanced hybrids. This means that the ratio of effects from indica to sativa are 50/50, delivering an equal amount of head to body effect, euphoria and release. Because we are each unique in how our cannabis receptors activate, a true hybrid may make some people feel uplifted and energized, while the next person may find may find the same strain to be more indica in its characteristics. What we are doing and our mood will also play in a role in how a strain affects us.

Jah Goo, currently available on our menu, is a very balanced hybrid with very nice indica influences, meaning it delivers great relaxation and de-stressing. With old school genetics including Afghani, Maui, Haze and Skunk #1, the effects from Jah Goo are uplifting, razor-sharp euphoric focus and a long lasting, relaxing body buzz making this an ideal go-to strain for:

  • End of day relaxation and buzz, without full sedation
  • Daytime relief from pain and stress, when taken in small doses
  • A nice choice for sex, allowing for full reception without active cerebral stimulation

Give a hybrid a try with your next order.. You may be pleasantly surprised at what it may do for you.


Our trained Member Consultants are here to assist you.
Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a consult today.



Cortney’s Corner: Soul Assassin

This is my new favorite Indica on the shelf. There are a few particular things that make me fall in love with a strain. I like a certain flavor, aroma, density and onset of effects. The Soul Assassin was given to me to take home and sample. I was warned that it is a heavy bodied strain providing profound body relaxation so I chose to wait until the end of the evening to give it a try. Upon my first inhalation I felt more comfortable in my own skin, the effects started in my chest and moved down into my body. I felt relaxed, happy and content enough to dive into my current book (The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman) for a relaxing escape from reality. When I was ready for bed I ingested some more and immediately found my eyelids were heavy and ready for a long night’s sleep. If you’re looking for pain relief, deep relaxation or “couch lock” I highly recommend trying the Soul Assassin on your next order.


For a full view of the rest of our organic Indica selection, click here.



Our trained Member Consultants are here to assist you.
Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a consult today.


New on the Shelves This Week

New on the Shelves This Week: Blueberry (Indica)

The sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria. Many medical patients appreciate Blueberry for its ability to suppress pain and relieve stress, while connoisseurs and growers admire the strain for its colorful hues and high THC content. Organically outdoor grown.
Best for: Stress – Pain – Insomnia
Top effects: Relaxed – Happy – Euphoric
Lab results: THC 19.25% – CBD 0.37%

New Flower on the Shelves Today

We are putting new flower on the shelves today. One of them is the famous Jack Herer. The spicy, pine scent, dense buds, and fiery red hairs that made this strain famous can definitely be found in our Jack.

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain.

Lab Results: 17.73% THC .15% CBD

Give us a call today to set up a delivery.