One Minute Cannabist

We’re proud to announce the launch of the first in a series of simple to read books for regular people wanting to explore cannabis as a medicinal therapy. The first in the series, “The One Minute Cannabist: A Primer for Medicinal Cannabis Newbies”, is written by seniors for seniors, as a quick and easy to comprehend compilation of the basics. It’s a perfect resource for those new to cannabis or for those wanting a refresher.

The book explores how and why cannabis works, getting past the stigma of its use, therapy options and common sense implementation. Millions of seniors across the nation are getting all natural relief from arthritic, muscle and nerve pain, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, headaches, backaches, menopause systems, detoxing from opiates, sleeping better, increasing libido, decreasing everyday stress and anxiety and more, simply by using medicinal cannabis.

“So many people, especially seniors are interested, but not sure where or how to start. Understanding the physiology of why it works, the therapies available and how to dose for maximum effectiveness is key to success. A common misconception is that you have to smoke cannabis,” said Terry Lynn co-author of The One Minute Cannabist. “It’s a new world for anyone who only used cannabis recreationally in their youth. Today there are many non-inhalation therapies such as tinctures and topicals. We wrote this book to help people understand and navigate the use of cannabis no matter what their choice of ingestion.”

“People 50 and over have unique challenges with medicinal cannabis, many have past experience and some have never tried it in their lives. One of the biggest challenges and most misunderstood is proper use and dosing. A comment we hear frequently is, I don’t want to be high,” said Robbin Lynn co-author of The One Minute Cannabist. “The One Minute Cannabist takes the mystery out of the notion that you have to be stoned and stupid to get the most out of cannabis by demonstrating how to best select the products you use and most importantly, how to properly dose those products.”

The amount of information about medicinal cannabis  or even a specific condition to be treated with this healing herb can be overwhelming. The One Minute Cannabist: A Primer For Medicinal Cannabis Newbies is an ideal place begin and makes a great quick reference for those with experience.

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Governor Brown Passes New Regulations for California

Governor Brown passed and vetoed several bills this week in regards to Cannabis and safety regulations. We see this as another step forward as the state prepares regulations coming into effect in 2018. Click here for the full article.


Alzheimers Research Expands

Although this is going to take some time, overall it’s great news. We’ve personally witnessed members with early to severe Alzheimer’s improve with cannabis products such as our Full Extract Cannabis Oil. We look forward to the day when the studies won’t be impeded by ignorance and anyone who chooses this therapy may find the research they seek to make their personal decision to take the cannabis journey to wellness, peace and happiness. Read full article on



DEA Ruling Not Your Cup of Tea? Read This

This lighthearted article is about what life might be like if caffeine had been prohibited instead of Cannabis. Although the Cannabis plant is much more complex than the coffee bean, the points made are convincing and entertaining.  Read the full article here.

Cortney’s Corner: How Cannabis Helped Me Quit Cigarettes

When I decided it was time to quit smoking cigarettes, I wasn’t sure how to navigate my new goal. I wondered if Cannabis would make quitting harder or easier and whether I should keep smoking one if I’m quitting the other. The choice is personal and one each person has to make for themselves. I decided that because Cannabis is natural and had caused me no health problems (especially compared to the coughing and inflammation cigarettes caused) I would continue using it the same way I had since before I ever touched a cigarette.

I knew certain triggers would make staying away from cigarettes more difficult so I analyzed how I could use Cannabis to get me past the tough moments and hopefully help me move past the habit altogether. I found great success utilizing a few different options I’m excited to share with you.

The hardest part of quitting comes in the first week. Three to five days after you quit, cravings tend to intensify. You’re sluggish and your body begins producing a lot of gunk in the lining of your lungs in order to expel it. Of course, these symptoms subside after a few weeks but they’re enough to have many people running back to smoking land without a second thought. Starting the day with a cannabis leaf juice gave me the physical and mental boost needed to tackle my nasty habit. By splitting the dose into two 1 oz shots (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), I gained relief from the cravings and got a nice energy boost.

In moments of stress when I would normally have reached for a cigarette, I now use my Care By Design 8:1 tincture in conjunction with a vaporizer. When I hold the tincture under my tongue for a minute, I feel more calm and peaceful within the next 20. If I need immediate relief I will take a sip from my vape, something like KurVana Pineapple Express would be a good daytime option. Since the vaporizer provides nearly instant relief, by taking a puff and then a spray of tincture I know the tension and anxiety will subside. If your tolerance does not allow or if you prefer to stay away from THC during the day, the Bhang 2:1 Cartridge may be a perfect cartridge for easing stress.

During that time I experimented with a few different options and found things that weren’t particularly helpful as well. I found that joints were too similar to cigarettes and although the taste and effect provided were much different, just holding it made me think of and crave a cigarette afterward.

I’m approaching two years now of being cigarette free and can tell you it was worth the few weeks of transition. Having cannabis certainly softened the harshness of the process and I’d encourage you to search out the products that would best assist you.

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Medical Cannabis Research Growing But Hurdles Remain

Although we have come a long way, until Cannabis is moved to a Schedule 2 drug research will be extremely limited. In the mean time, states may take research into their own hands. Click here for the full article.

100 Studies: Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis is a Schedule I drug in the United States. That means the government has designated the plant as having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. No accepted medical use? There are scores of studies that say differently. Read the full article and see the links to the studies in question.


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The Next Trend in Fitness

Ingesting Cannabis and working up a heavy sweat aren’t topics you typically find paired together. With the Cannabis industry growing faster than ever patients are looking at new ways to utilize their medicine.

As a long term Cannabis user, I’ve found a way to incorporate it into nearly every aspect of life. I use it as a sleep aid, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory and now, as an energy boost providing crisp focus before a long workout.  Two years ago when my interest in exercise and nutrition began to expand, I worried that my love for Cannabis would interfere with my hopes to work up to running a 5k and eventually half marathon or that it may distract me from staying focused on my goals. At that time, I was not as educated on the plant as I am now and didn’t know how it might affect my new hobby. However, what I learned yet again, was that this wonderful plant had more uses in store for me to discover. It seems like the rest of the world is starting to realize the same as legalization and research efforts grow.

The “runner’s high” many describe is an activation of the same receptors in your brain that Cannabis interacts with. This explains why after understanding how to utilize exercise, so many become avid gym attendees. The same happens with Cannabis. Many users aren’t sure just how helpful it is when we first start, but end up finding a plethora of ways it improves day to day quality of life. So how can Cannabis make work outs better?

Whether you’re looking for a boost at the beginning of a workout or an aid to help you through the aches and pains that come with healing sore muscles, there are a variety of ways Cannabis can help.

Raw Cannabis Juice is a perfect way to start any productive day. A 1-2oz serving provides a crisp energy boost and added mobility. Other benefits include pain relief, inflammation reduction and it even assists with weight loss and hormonal balance.

For those with a tolerance for THC, it can be a great addition to your actual workout. When I wake up extra early, a sativa acts as my “pre-workout” energizer to get my mind and body going. Once I’m ready to go, I transfer that energy into longer strides on a run. It also provides a euphoric boost and as you get into the rhythm of a long run, the effects only improve. The body produces more of its own cannabinoids during exercise and releases stored deposits of THC at simultaneously contributing further to the euphoric benefits received.

Deeper stretches after a good run or on my yoga mat are another place Cannabis and fitness converge. Our CBDream cartridge from Cirrus is a house favorite for yoga practice as it allows for relaxation, opening mind and body, without being over stimulating or sedative.

Cannabis can also help to increase or decrease your appetite depending on the strain selected. Some strains will have you running for the kitchen, others will have you so entranced in an activity the last thing you’re thinking about is shoveling down food. If you’re trying to make major gains, an appetite stimulant like Blue Haze or Pineapple Express would be a good choice. If you’re hoping to avoid the kitchen a THCV+CBD Medi Cone can help to suppress appetite while maintaining a focused, calm demeanor.

Rest is also an enormous part of both gaining mass and recovery. For those of us with active imaginations or sore restless legs, sleep can be a real challenge. Having an Indica to reach for in the evenings is the perfect way to get rest without feeling weighed down for your workouts the next day.

For those looking to improve their health without the help of chemicals or steroids, Cannabis could be a wonderful supplement, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It should be noted that it is crucial to find your optimal dose and product type to have consistent experiences. With a little trial and error coupled with proper guidance most of us can achieve this rather easily.


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National Cancer Institute Posts Benefits of Cannabis

During this month of breast cancer awareness, we find it very fitting that The National Cancer Institute (NCI)-– the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training– updated its website with very positive results of preclinical studies of cannabinoids. The federal government admits to these benefits, yet will not institute national medical marijuana laws to promote the research and use of this proven medicine. This raises the serious question of who is stopping what obviously needs to be done in the public’s best interest.

The Cannabis Delivery Service Dilemma

With only two licensed Medical Marijuana (MMJ) dispensaries in the entire county, the San Diego region is among the most challenging localities for the cannabis industry. Yet, hundreds of collectives continue to operate in order to serve their members. With the exception of operating without a business license, most are in full compliance with California Prop 215. As more and more walk-ins dispensaries are being closed down, there is a new surge in delivery only services, especially in the North County region.

As a local dispensary, one comment we hear all too frequently from new members is that they received products from another dispensary and were given no information as to cannabinoid ratios, potency, ingredients or suggested dosing. Except for very experienced patients, cannabis delivery should not be treated like pizza delivery. The entire process can be overwhelming and even a little scary to those new to MMJ. Below are some best practices to consider when choosing a dispensary, whether a walk-in or delivery only service.

Are you new to Cannabis (marijuana) or just coming back to it for the first time in many years?
Select a dispensary that specializes in helping patients understand and navigate the latest methods for realizing the maximum medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. Visit the websites and call the dispensaries to find out if they will provide education, consults and the overall level of service you are expecting.

If smoking is an option for you, ask where and how the plants are grown.
Not all cannabis is equal. Is organic and purity important to you? Ask for products that are organically grown and for the most in purity, outdoor grown. Many indoor growers sacrifice organic practices for yield. Only experienced growers understand how to flush any residuals from pesticides they may have used, but there is always risk of residuals. Improperly stored cannabis can develop mold or fungus, which is extremely dangerous to smoke. It can also become very dry, which will make it burn hotter, causing irritation to the throat. Ask if plants are grown indoor or outdoor, if pesticides are used and most importantly, ask to see lab results showing cannabinoid ratio, mold/fungal and pesticide residuals.

If you decide that vaporizing oils is a good choice for you, ask about extraction processes and additives.
Vaping hash oil, or honey oil as it is commonly called, is a great alternative to smoking. But as with the herbs, be certain you know what you are getting. There are many extraction processes, but the best so far is proving to be Co2. Many pre-filled cartridges contain additives such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) or glycerin. These are unnecessary additives and it is uncertain if inhaling these compounds is unhealthy. Look for products that have been extracted with Co2 and either have no carrier or coconut oil only.

Use of tinctures or edibles as alternatives to smoking.
Tinctures and edibles are a great alternative to smoking cannabis, and definitely more of a comfort zone for many people. The biggest challenge with an ingestible is proper dosing. Getting the proper dose right requires patience and a little experimentation. Be sure all products are labelled with total cannabinoid milligrams per segment. Products should also include ingredients and nutritional information so you know exactly what you are ingesting. Ask the dispensary for best dosing guidelines for your individual circumstances. Start slow and titrate up slowly.

Patients new to the world of MMJ should always conduct sound research and use good judgement when selecting a delivery service. Your relationship with your dispensary should be much like your relationship with your doctor or pharmacist. Know who you are getting your products from, what you are getting and where it is coming from. Trust and transparency are key to building credibility within this industry.


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