New Findings Highlight CBD’s Therapeutic Potential ….

From our friends at ProjectCBD. This summary is loaded with the latest scientific findings with respect to CBD and cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and other disorders.

During the last week of June, more than 400 scientists from 25 countries met in Montreal for the 27th annual symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS). Several presentations and posters showcased new findings about cannabidiol (CBD), the non-euphoric component of the cannabis plant that is transforming the medical marijuana landscape. Read full article here.


Cannabis for Cancer -Informational Forum for Patients

RX-C is pleased to be part of this important educational forum this weekend in San Diego. Please share this information with everyone you know who may benefit. There is no cost and participants DO NOT need a medical marijuana recommendation to attend.

Do you or someone you know have cancer? Are you interested in the potential benefits of cannabis and about adding cannabis to your treatment regiment?

Join us and our expert presenters to learn about the potential benefits of cannabis in cancer treatment, the different cannabis options available to cancer patients, and practical advise regarding how to talk to your doctor about marijuana and how to get marijuana for medical treatment.

This event is free to the public.

Our speakers include:
*Dr. Adam Richardson from the SBMRI Cancer Center,
*Dr. Michelle Sexton, Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy, Technical Advisor and Editor on the Cannabis Monograph for the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia
*Dr. Mark Rabe of Centric Wellness,
* and Ken Cole former Olympic coach and cancer patient.

Marina Village Conference Center – 1936 Quivira Way Anchor Room, San Diego, CA 92109 –View Map


100 Studies: Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis is a Schedule I drug in the United States. That means the government has designated the plant as having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. No accepted medical use? There are scores of studies that say differently. Read the full article and see the links to the studies in question.


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Not feeling well? Perhaps you’re ‘cannabinoid deficient’

Scientists have begun speculating that the root cause of disease conditions such as migraines and irritable bowel syndrome may be endocannabinoid deficiency. Read full article.

National Cancer Institute Posts Benefits of Cannabis

During this month of breast cancer awareness, we find it very fitting that The National Cancer Institute (NCI)-– the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training– updated its website with very positive results of preclinical studies of cannabinoids. The federal government admits to these benefits, yet will not institute national medical marijuana laws to promote the research and use of this proven medicine. This raises the serious question of who is stopping what obviously needs to be done in the public’s best interest.

Meet The Woman Who Says She Beat Her Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil

This woman’s story is very inspiring. When she was told there were no other options she and her family took it upon themselves to find a way for her to beat cancer. Using cannabis oil and proper dosing, she was able to rid her body of stage four lung cancer. Read more here.

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC (the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant) completely kills cancer cells.

“The world has come a long way with with regards to accepting this plant as a medicine rather than a harmful substance. It’s a plant that could benefit the planet in more ways than one. Cannabis is not something offered in the same regard as chemotherapy, but more people are becoming aware if it, which is why it’s so important to continue to spread information like this. Nobody can really deny the tremendous healing power of this plant.”Read the full article and view the easy to understand video.