Durban Poison Has Returned

Durban Poison is officially back on the shelf. One of the last pure sativa strains, this crop is organically greenhouse grown here in Southern California and tests at 22% THC / 0.19% CBD.

Durban Poison is a reliable option for relief from stress, anxiety and depression. This particular batch is a pungent one, filled with little white trichomes. This strain is extremely effective for releasing tension and neck pain, allowing for a more focus on the task at hand. An energy boost is also noticeable when using Durban Poison making it an optimum strain for daytime activities requiring attention to detail and an upbeat perspective. Every time we receive Durban Poison calls pour in from people searching for it. Place your order today before this supply is depleted.

Can CBD Undo the Anxious Side Effects of THC?

We hear from new members often that they worry about using THC products because they’ve had an experience in the past that was more intense than they would have liked. Many times this is caused by taking too large of a dose or simply having a sensitivity to a particular strain. We enjoy telling members they can utilize CBD as a way to calm some of the effects of THC. As this article says, “CBD balances the buzz and softens the euphoria or dysphoria THC sometimes provides.” Click below for the full article from Leafly. For the full article click here.

“Start, maintain and end your day with Brite Labs 1:1 Cartridges”

If you’re interested in trying a high CBD and THC cartridge we highly recommend the Brite Labs 1:1 Cartridges. Our deliveries manager, Victoria says: “Start, maintain and end your day with 1:1 Brite Labs Cartridge. It helps me to achieve the the calm, balanced life I desire.”