Whether it’s relief from pain -caused by a myriad of conditions, detoxing from opiates, sleeping better, battling cancer, decreasing everyday stress and anxiety and more, millions of people are achieving all natural relief through cannabis.

This page is devoted to sharing just some of the successes our members have reported.

If you are an existing member and would like be included, please contact us at 760 849 8250 or email your story following the format below.

Tom. Male age 32
Complaint: Migraines
Products Used: A low THCA cannabis Infused Tea, combined with a single 10mg THC gummy bear
Results: Mild to moderate head high, migraines subside, never fully forming.

Eleanor. Female age 68
Complaint: Arthritis in the joints of her hands and knees
Products used: CannaCare Massage Cream infused with CBD and THC strains, applied topically
Results: Strong analgesic, non-chemical relief for up to two hours, no head high as rubbing cannabis oil into the skin will not absorb into the blood stream.

Annie. Female age 89
Complaint: Chronic Pain from Spinal Stenosis
Products used: 10mg THC Capsules/ and 1:1 CBD/THC Tincture
Results: Substituting her Advil and Vicodan with these natural remedies 3-4 times a day helps her manage the chronic pain and achieve better sleep.

Richard. Male age 63
Complaint: Stage 3 Prostate Cancer, two tumors
Products used: Full extract cannabis oil, ingested orally, 60 grams in 90 days, declined all chemo/radiation therapies
Results: One cancer tumor obliterated, the second greatly decreased in size, PSA down to 1.4

Christine. Female age 48
Complaint: Insomnia
Products used: 1:1 CBD/THC Chocolate Bar
Results: Weaned off of Ambien over the course of two weeks and was able to achieve 6-8 hours sleep each night and wake feeling rested.

Cynthia. Female age 64
Complaint: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraines
Products used: CBD Infused Lemon Drops, Vaporizing Hash Oil and a high CBD Tincture as a daily supplement
Results: With edibles and vaporizing achieves quick relief from the chronic pain, release of anxiety caused from the pain, and able to eliminate Botox injections received for managing the migraines

Deanna. Female age 27
Complaint: Menstrual Cramps and Anxiety
Products used: CBD Chewing Gum, 4:1 Tincture
Results: Relief within ten minutes of debilitating cramps. Using CBD Tincture on a daily basis has helped to remedy intensity of cramps experienced in the past.

Robbin. Female age 51
Complaint: Intra-ocular pressure
Products used: Full extract cannabis oil, ingested orally, 1/20th of a gram daily for six week
Results: Pressure reduced 10 points from 33/36 in just 7 days, back to normal after one month.

Joe. Male age 62
Complaint: Primary and Secondary Insomnia
Products used: Inhalation of cannabis herb combined with 25mg edible
Results: Weaned off Ambien, able to sleep 6-7 hours each night.

Susan. Female age 58
Complaint: Opioid addiction, extreme depression
Products used: Inhalation of cannabis herb
Results: Detoxed from all pills, greatly improved state of mind and quality of life.

Grace. Female age 30 (Veteran Marine)
Complaint: PTSD, extreme Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia
Products used: Inhalation of cannabis herb, CBD rich tinctures
Results: Detoxing from pharmaceuticals 75% achieves, improved sleep, ability to focus during the day, improved state of mind and quality of life.

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