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We only offer the highest quality organic, sun-kissed, greenhouse and indoor cultivated selections from The Emerald Triangle and Southern California. All of our flowers are lab tested for purity, potency & terpenoids. Our experienced growers ensure the cannabis you receive from us adheres to the highest standards of outdoor organic & indoor cultivation. They work in small, family-run gardens where quality is not substituted for “Green Rush” attitudes and ambitions.

In addition to the raw cannabis options, we work very closely with a limited number of suppliers to ensure only the the best-of-the-best products are stocked on our shelves. All suppliers are put through a rigorous screening process and products chosen require full labeling– including cannabinoid lab testing, non chemical ingredients and nutritional information.

Select a profiled supplier below to learn more.

Moxie Meds

Tinctures are an ages old method of ingesting cannabis. Moxie Meds are formulated in a Relief 1:1 and Recovery 4:1 -CBD to THC ratio- to aid in relief of severe menstrual cramps, hormonally-related stress, menopausal symptoms and other reproductive concerns. Read more.

Sensi Chew

Rather than a one size fits all approach, Sensi Chews are customized by variety. The Sativa chew is perfect for those who need steady, long lasting pain relief during the day, without heavy sedation, while the Indica and insomnia blends are perfect for those looking to not only get to sleep, but stay asleep. Read more.

Canna Care

The beauty of topical cannabis solutions is that through their use the muscles are trained to relax and rejuvenate. Because these topicals are not psychoactive, but do deliver a sense of well-being as pain dissipates, Canna Care offers pain relief with clarity. Read more.

One Minute Cannabist

“The One Minute Cannabist, is a vital addition to the field as it addresses a dizzying amount of topics for such a little book, clearly, concisely and with the newbie in mind. Whether you are trying to save a life, alleviate a condition or just looking for a little more clarity, it’s a must read.”

-John Vergados,
Editor in Chief SKUNK Magazine

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