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Many who come to us haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years and have turned to cannabis as a last resort. For our collective, sleep is a top 3 complaint and we’re proud to share that we’ve seen thousands get the relief they seek.
Here are our top recommendations this week.


A favorite with RX-C and our members, rich in Linalool Cherry Cream induces a blissful, relaxing sensation from head to toe, calming the mind and melting the body.

For those who prefer vape oils, Blueberry from KurVana is a top favorite with our members and we consistently hear about what a great night sleep they had as a result of using this strain.

TIP: Finding one strain doesn’t quite do what you want? Blend two together for a balanced euphoria with deep relaxation and often, deeper sleep.


Sleepytime from AbsoluteXtracts is a top sellers for those who prefer non-inhalation options. Easy to dose, with onset in 20-30 minutes.


Known for their long-lasting effects, many members prefer edibles for sleep. Edibles can be combined with inhalation or sublingual therapies to help you get to sleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

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