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So you just received your medicinal cannabis recommendation and not sure where to begin?

You’ve come to the right place. For those new to using cannabis medicinally or even those with experience who want to learn more about the science and therapies available, RX-C is pleased to offer telephone and private in-person consults with a Certified Cannabis Specialist, Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Nurse.

Whether you need a basic cannabis 101 education and product guidance or a higher level of clinical support from a naturopathic physician or registered nurse, we have options to fit your therapeutic needs and your budget.

Consultations are available by appointment only. Select an option below to learn more about each program.

Cannabis Specialist

Naturopathic Doctor

Registered Nurse

Consultation with a Certified Cannabis Specialist

Telephone consults with our certified cannabis specialists may be arranged by appointment on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We encourage those new to cannabis to invite a family member or friend to be on the call for support and a second set of ears.

30 Minute New Member Consult is $60 and includes:

  • Assessment of your goals and experience level
  • An overview of cannabis compounds and your Endocannabinoid system
  • A review of therapy options available
  • Product selection and use guidance
  • A printed copy of The One Minute Cannabist ($19.99 value)*
  • Coupon code for $50 off $100 or more or $25 off with a $50 or more purchase*

Please note: Our consult service is educational only and products are not available to purchase during your appointment. We can, however, help you select and arrange for same-day delivery to your home or office.

*Delivered with first product order. No cash value.
**Valid on first purchase only. Coupon code expires 30 days from issue.

Existing Members may schedule 30 minute consultation at the discounted rate of $30.

Naturopathic Doctor Consultation

Dr. Jamie Corroon, ND, MPH is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, published clinical researcher and industry consultant with a focus on medical cannabis.

Dr. Corroon helps patients safely, effectively and legally use cannabis for medical purposes, with the end goal being to o educate patients so that they feel safe, empowered and capable when navigating the complexities of medical cannabis. Educating about the risks and benefits, methods of administration, potential side effects, potential interactions with prescription medications and much more, all backed by the latest clinical research and emphasis on safety, this consultation level can take your success with cannabinoid therapy to entirely new level.

To schedule with Dr. Coroon, please click on Request a Consultation.

Registered Nurse Consultation

Access an experienced clinical nurse trained in cannabis medicine to evaluate your health, objectives, current treatment, costs and options.

Holistic Caring RN’s assess your personal situation & explain how medical cannabis can help your specific disease process. We’ll create a care plan with various products for you to try, and teach their proper use, timing, and safety precautions. We’ll guide your use of cannabis together with other prescriptions or treatments, especially for cancer and complex chronic disease. Our nurses understand holistic case management and will provide guidance and troubleshooting to improve your care.

To schedule with a Holistic Caring nurse please click on Request a Consultation.

RX-C specializes in providing those new to medicinal cannabis, expert guidance in understanding why and how to use cannabis effectively. We are not doctors, nurses or other medical practitioners. We are a collective who believe in this plant for its medicinal value (we each have our own unique story and journey with cannabis). We immerse ourselves in learning about and understanding the science behind why cannabis is so effective for so many conditions. We take the collective knowledge of having helped more than 5,000 people and apply it to our conversations. We are on a mission to spread true cannabis  knowledge to those who wish to integrate it into their lives. There is no one size fits all protocol with this plant, but we can provide you solid guidance based on the experiences of others with similar conditions and experience levels.

We do not proffer or suggest medical advice of any kind. We cannot speak to your current pharmacological use. We cannot provide legal advise on travelling with your cannabis products. 

RX-C is not run, operated, directed or managed by physicians or medically licensed professionals. Our services do not constitute licensed professional or medical advice. The information we provide is based on nearly a decade of guiding people on the use of medicinal cannabis, but is not to be considered a substitute for consulting with your physician. RX-C urges you to consult with your physician before beginning any treatment or regime to treat your ailments, including medical cannabis.

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