“Start, maintain and end your day with Brite Labs 1:1 Cartridges”

If you’re interested in trying a high CBD and THC cartridge we highly recommend the Brite Labs 1:1 Cartridges. Our deliveries manager, Victoria says: “Start, maintain and end your day with 1:1 Brite Labs Cartridge. It helps me to achieve the the calm, balanced life I desire.”

New Sativa Flower: Querkle

Introducing Querkle! This sativa dominant hybrid (a cross of Purple Erkle and Space Queen) is on our shelves today and we are very excited to share it. Cortney says, “It smells like the first day of spring. Its the perfect strain to start your day with.”

Juicing Cannabis

My favorite way to use cannabis. Regardless of why and how much, when I have fresh leaf to put into a smoothie each day, I feel my best. It is also the single thing that has helped to keep my chronic candida condition under control and it’s a natural energy booster. I find even 3-4 . . .

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