The service you and your associates provide has had a salutary effect on the quality of our lives. Annie especially because of the relief she receives from the medicinal quality of your products. She suffers from the effects of a serious fall that resulted in a compression fracture of her spine. She received no relief from traditional medications. When Annie is happy, I am happy. The contrary is also true. We are most appreciative of the very professional manner in which RX-C operates. -Annie & Doug

Jeff was an excellent representative for your company and completed the transaction pleasantly and professionally. He is welcome to our offices anytime. – Chance

I’ve been taking 1/2 dropper of CBD Alive 1:1 twice a day. I feel relaxed but then have enough energy for exercise. I feel it makes me want to get out and exercise. I feel my brain is clearer. Sleep is good. Thank you. -Louise

You know the value of customer service and I appreciate it. All your reps know what they are talking about. Training is essential for success and I think RX-C has that in place. Thanks again for everything! -Carrie

I want to personally thank you for your help and suggestions, it was much appreciated. Jeff is the person that delivered my product, he was extremely pleasant and very professional, pleasure to deal with. This was my first time dealing with a company such as yours, it was a very pleasant experience. Rest assured that I will continue to do business with your company and will recommend your company to all my friends and family that have the need. -Tony

I feel safe and comfortable going to this location and their deliveries are professional and discrete as well.

I have been fortunate to meet and talk to the staff which has been very professional, knowledgeable and caring.  My needs have been small compared to some and I am very thankful for the time and devotion you put into helping people. -Bill

Rx-C is my “go-to” whenever I order cannabis products. From the soothing CBD oils they offer, to their creatively mixed Hybrid, Sativa and Indica flowers. More, they are always courteous and professional. In fact, they care. When my brother called me and said he wanted try the CBDs for his bout with cancer (he had been given a few more days to live) RX-C was there for me to get the oils that I wanted so that my brother could at least have the opportunity to try something when all else had failed. We were able to get the oils for him. Although he passed away, the CBDs extended his quality of life. Prior to being bed ridden and not able to get up; he, in his last 5 days was able to get out of bed (by himself) and move about, be comfortable and smile. That meant the world to all of us. Robbin and Terry were instrumental in all of this with their very experienced and knowledgeable advice. I will always support RX-C. They are not only an outstanding dispensary, they have become my friends. You can tell that when they say that good business and good practices come from the top; their staff follows their lead. They are the best! Thanks RX-C!

I have been a member of RX-C for over three years and I am consistently impressed with the commitment and professionalism of this collective. The staff always has time to answer my many questions, the product is always outstanding and reasonably priced; monthly events, special sales, the latest in accessories, friendly people, and personal attention add up to the only dispensary I use. There is no reason to go anywhere else. I recommend you see Robbin, Terry and their fine staff today. You won’t regret. 🙂

I have been using RX-C for a few years now. I have been so happy with them, I haven’t been elsewhere since I found them. Great variety, fresh buds, top quality everything. I had a friend battling cancer and will never forget their willingness to help me ease her symptoms and look for anything else to help. My sister has MS and they have been instrumental in her struggles. Cant say enough about the entire staff, especially Robbin. Thanks to all of you!

I’ve been with Rx-C for over six years and absolutely love everything about this dispensary! Great people, great product and a great members reward program. These folks care about helping you achieve wellness.

RX-C is awesome. The selection is great, top quality products. They have a huge variety including edibles and some harder to find items. I appreciate the selection of Organic products. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Delivery is also very dependable and professional.

Whether you’re trying to find a provider of medical cannabis products for the first time or have been a member somewhere else for several years, I would strongly urge you to find out what RX-C is about. Check out their website, give them a call and you’ll never need to look elsewhere for your medical cannabis needs!

There don’t seem to be enough words on the planet to express my level of satisfaction with RX-C. I’ve been a member of their collective since 2014. Shortly after I departed the military I turned to RX-C to help me with a number of ailments. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and warm. The location is clean, safe, and the energy level is through the roof. Every experience, whether it be delivery or showroom, is fantastic.

The Carlsbad location is perfect for today’s medical marijuana user. The environment and staff encourage clients to pursue health and well-being through educated self-medication using symptom-strain matching. The owners are passionate about their product, generous with their knowledge, and rigorous with their standards. Rx-c is the only dispensary I refer friends to confidently.

RX-C is the only service I have used. There is no need to look anywhere else. Client service:the best. Website:there is nothing out there that is better. Professionalism:so good that I’ve referred friends who have become loyal clients. If you are looking for the best of everything, RX-C is your choice…it is mine. Every single person I have come in contact with, is happy to help, educate and ensure I am happy. Thank you to Robbin and her whole team for making my experience the best!!

I am new to medical marijuana and I was very happy and impressed. I took my mother age 78 who just got her mmj card and has no experience with this. The staff was so friendly and knowledgable and took their time with us to explain everything and help us decide what on products to try. My mom was excited with all the possibilities that could treat her pain when she left. I highly recommend TX-C for those new to mmj and for those who would like to have a little education on how to treat their own specific needs. Thank you so much. We will be back!

Great time at the mingle last Thursday. Wish I could have stayed longer and I look forward to the next one! Thanks!

Awesome location definitely a hidden gem. They offer something for everyone with many types of products to choose from. I love the personalized experience they give to all clients. Probably one of the nicest and friendliest I have been to. Oh and did I forget to mention that the bud is LEGIT Try the honey it’s bomb 😉

Robbin you’re the best! Thanks for going the extra mile for me. Cortney gave me superior customer service yesterday. She gave me several options for some new products that she thought might work for me. Great job team!

I have been coming to RX-C on and off for nearly two years now. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and knowledge. They are dedicated to providing high quality medical cannabis as an alternative to many harmful modern medicines. They are very veteran friendly and even have veterans on staff. I highly recommend RX-C!

You guys are just as advertised. Awesome service!! And thanks for the gifts as well. I know where all my medicine will come from now on!!

I have been checking around for a while and I found RX-C in Carlsbad. – Best Quality medical cannabis. FRESH BUDS ALL THE TIME ……….Other Places the bud is dry and broken up… 5 STARS RX-C ……. The best thing about RX-C is that u can order what you want. Other dispensers don’t have that service…… they come in with it pre measured and the bud is dry…..JUST WRONG……Go with RX-C if you what the BEST MEDICAL HELP. Love to all.

Love this place. Great location but delivery available. Hold monthly meets that included samples and some yummy snacks. Was not expecting that, but really enjoyed learning more. Consults for products have been informative and I tried the tincture oil spray which is an excellent alternative to smoking. Fast and friendly service. Would like the ability to just drop in without an appointment but I understand the need. Lemon bar is excellent and recommended choice. Thanks. If they carried grasshopper refrigerated gummies products I could shop in only one place. Thanks RX-C. Product sold is fresh and good, especially the Blue Dream. Excellent!

It’s subdued, clean, and in a safe neighborhood. I visited the showroom first and it was super helpful to talk about what they had. It’s nice that they make it simple by having a good supply of every strain you would need. They walked me through using /purchasing an e-pen, and so I am sold on the service and knowledge. It’s my first review of them, but I just received my delivery for the second time, and it was well communicated for the price and delivery time. The delivery person was dressed like everyone in Carlsbad is dressed; clean/casual Hawaiian. Pretty much like everyone else here, so there is nothing out of place. Basically, it’s like Amazon. You basically have everything you need, gets to you quickly, and you feel like you had enough info to shop. In short: Simple and on time. In short, if you live withing the range of these folks, you really should give them a try. Super straight forward, professional, knowledgeable, and the prices, and specials are pretty great. If you skipped to the bottom to read the verdict: Great Product/ Great Knowledge, Check out the Specials.​

If I could give Robbin and the family at RX-C 100 stars I surely would. So caring and genuine. Has to be this area’s best dispensaries. Big shout out to you Namaste

I love RX-C! Everyone that I have personally worked with has been super helpful, never impatient and they always have what I need. I am looking forward to attending one of their member only workshops, I have a feeling its going to be really informative and fun!

Very helpful and kind staff, prompt delivery. I will highly recommend to all.

If I could give them 10 starts I would!!! Amazing folks, their #1 concern is always their patients needs and providing a superior product, extremely knowledgeable providers.

Friendly and experienced consultation! Friendly delivery and they knew exactly what I need for my pain!

Have been to other dispensaries and none compare to the quality of service and care as RX-C. The one-to-one personalized care is unmatched. I especially like the “grab N go” service. Just call in and pick up.

This place is perfect! The costumer service you receive from the staff is fabulous! Answered all my silly, stupid questions! Then a follow up! The product is absolutely great! Love and felt great!

This was my first ever visit to a dispensary. It is a very relaxing and comfortable environment. I was educated on concentrated oils, different strains and edibles. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. By being a “appointment only” dispensary, you have the place to yourself which made it most enjoyable. I’ll definitely be going back.

Awesome. Professional. We know they care because they go organic. This is how it should be done. KEEP IT UP PLEASE!

The staff here is wonderful and very informative. Especially helpful to older clients like myself who have not used in 30 years. They are understanding and kind and offer many wonderful events to help clients to better understand products. I highly recommend them.

RX-C isn’t just the best delivery service I’ve encountered, it’s one of the best dispensaries I’ve used, period. Thorough strain knowledge and patient concern was demonstrated from the first phone call to my last delivery. They offer a very wide-spectrum selection, and often feature organic flowers, which is important to me. Every aspect of my interaction with RX-C has been First-Class. They were my first delivery experience, and have been my only dispensary since. You will not be disappointed!

Once I found RX-C, they became the only dispensary I go to. They consistently go above and beyond what they have to do for their customers, have been able to answer any questions I’ve had, and can suggest products that are best for my particular needs. I have and will continue to recommend them.

My experience was better than I could have imagined, knowledgeable, very friendly staff , took the time to answer all my questions..my first visit, not my last.

5 STARS across the board. If you are looking for knowledgeable staff to help with your ailments, call RX-C. Robbin was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in finding the right strains for me…and ORGANIC, which is a huge plus for me. Quality products, knowledgeable caring staff – call them.

Terry and Robbin have been a god send to me when I needed it most. My first and only dispensary. No need to look further. I love the crew and and the new workshops are fantastic! Thank you guys for always making me feel so welcome and providing only the best.

I LOVE RX-C! They have been extremely helpful over the phone and in person. I’m always able to get a quick appointment to come in and delivery has been so fast! They always say an hour and it’s usually within 30 minutes. The delivery drivers are very professional and the service in person is the best I’ve had! I can’t recommend these folks enough!

The people I interacted with on the phone and during delivery were very kind and knowledgeable. Best service I have had in this industry. The prices were to the higher side, but not significantly. Haven’t checked out their store location yet, but definitely plan on it.

I like that I can call for delivery or visit the storefront. They offer quality products and service. A friendly bunch of very knowledgeable people, professional and dedicated to promoting a positive medical marijuana culture.

Rx-C stands out among its local competition on professionalism, botanical and strain knowledge, medicinal applications, and currency in legal issues including traveling with medications. Every person on staff is knowledgable and deeply caring about each patient’s medical needs. I used to just assume that being child of the ’60s drove my penchant for marijuana but through the educational workshops and personalized guidance I understand the role of “self-medication” and now use medical marijuana in ways that are less disruptive to my daily performance and more impactful in managing my total health. Rx-C’s owners and employees are dedicated to serving those who choose to medicate naturally instead of relying on the unstable effects of big pharma meds that are designed to sell the concept of total health but that often times hurt more than they help. I am a forever fan and client. Dr. K

Love this place! ? Really appreciate the ability to stop by an actual storefront and browse!

RX-C is a first class collective that I’m very fortunate to have found. All of their flowers are grown outdoors organically which is awesome if you’re trying to stay away from harmful chemicals. They also carry Absolute Xtracts which are by far the best vape cartridge on the market. RX-C is great trust me you wont be disappointed.

I just attended a work shop at RX-C, I learned a lot that will help me in the future to choose what form suits my needs. AWESOME group of folks. Thank YOU so much for inviting me to the workshop. I look forward to your next one. IF you are reading this and want a truly personalized experience with a First Class dispensary, then RX-C is where you should be.

Just getting started, couple deliveries and visits so far. This group seems the best I have run into. Great website, helpful on the phone, fast verify, quick delivery, good communication. Has the most CBD products. Feels like you are interacting with professional folks that understand their offerings and get the medical need. Can’t wait to visit the showroom.

Rx-C was my first dispensary. The shop was well stocked, and they were very helpful explaining all the products to me. They have great offers for first timers. I tried a couple other dispensaries in the last year, and none compared to the products and service from Rx-C. Their delivery service is professional and quick too. This is the dispensary for me!

After doing business with 2 other dispensaries, I was introduced to RX-C. Needless to say I can’t imagine going anywhere else. From professional and friendly staff to great product selection and customer rewards, you don’t need to go anywhere else. If you’re searching for a collective for the first time, give RX-C a call and you’ll never look back. If you do business with another collective and are wondering if there is something better, RX-C is it. -Josh

The staff at RX-C is supremely well educated. Robin and her crew really know every detail of their product, so much so that I trust any recommendations that they provide. I have certainly tried other co-operatives and that just can’t provide the knowledge and quality that I have found at RX-C. Discreet, educated, and high-quailty goods summarize my experiences here. If you have a legitimate medical need and you want the latest research parsed out to you by someone who can also provide the product, there is no other dispensary.

I am a “clueless newbe” as of a year ago and went to RX-C as my first dispensary. They spent almost an hour explaining products and uses to me. My main issue was insomnia, and they explained Sativa and Indica. Also informed me that the affects are opposite for some people and put together an affordable starter of products to try. I am an “opposite” so they made me a very fair trade for my Indica product to Sativa. This has built a bond of trust, that I would not buy anywhere else.

Excellent Service, selection is great, highly recommended for first time users and medicinal purposes! Congratulations again on the excellent service!

My first encounter with RX-C occurred when the walk in shop was open, which was well stocked and displayed. But, that’s another story. Delivery service has steeped up to the challenge with fast, convenient, and accurate service.

My experience with RX-C has been truly wonderful! I’m an older woman getting in to the medical use of cannabis. Learning how to do so can be intimidating because of the misunderstanding that the general public has about this topic, but the folks at RX-C have made it easy and comfortable to navigate this “new” world to me. I’ve been quite ill for some time & have learned that organic (non-toxic)is crucial to my healing. I am so very comfortable knowing that their product is grown without harmful toxins & since using it, I’ve been able to reach a level of productivity that I thought had been lost. Their guidance has been so helpful & everyone I’ve met is exceptionally knowledgable and kind. Thank you RX-C!

Robbin was an absolute pleasure to speak with during my first order. i had questions, and she had the answers. i was initially drawn to RX-C because of their outdoor organic and high CBD strains. they seem to be one of very few that carry the CBD strains. i also appreciate that they test every strain they sell and post the percentages in the description. i have a low/med tolerance and seeing the numbers helps me choose my medication accordingly. like most reviews have picked up on, there is a sense of caring and compassion that really helps put you at ease if you’re new to all of it, or someone like me who is coming back after a few years due to old injuries rearing their ugly head once again. my first delivery actually showed up a few minutes ahead of schedule. he was courteous and professional. i knew the schedule because there was constant contact with dispatch regarding when they would be leaving and when they would be arriving at your door. it’s the little things that sets services apart. thank you RX-C. you’ll be hearing from me again…without a doubt.

It’s said that the “front door” of a business is the first person you meet from that store; whether it’s a greeter, or a sales person or a delivery person. It’s also said that the tenor of the biz is actually drawn from the top executives. It’s no wonder why Rx-C is so good. They have a work ethic that is second to none. Once you have satisfied RX-C’s requirements (and they are very straight forward) you’ll get an opportunity to speak with Robbin. She and Terry founded Rx-C. And sure, I can tell you several stories about how professional they are (as do their reviews); but there’s nothing like finding out first hand for yourself. I urge you to do so. You’ll be glad you did. Their combined knowledge of the medical prowess of cannabis is very impressive. And the testimonies are many. I for one, had open heart surgery in October of 2014. On March 15, 2015 I started taking CBD Oil (about the size of a piece of rice) every night around 9pm. I’ve done so every night since. I’m happy to report that my doctors have noticed that my blood pressure is lower, my lungs in great shape, and gradually it’s getting easier to remember things that I might have gotten stumped on earlier. My dosage, to me, is like taking a baby aspirin each day. It’s my own therapy for “general” health. All this to say, I find medical cannabis to be a “miracle” plant. And I look forward to more research revealing it’s health fostering affects. Keeping me posted on the latest product developments, rewarding my loyalty with some surprising perks, making sure that any questions I have are answered thoroughly; that’s my idea of a great company: confidence, generosity of spirit, intelligence, service, and a great attitude. RX-C has clean-cut, high quality, organic product that you can trust. It gets delivered on-time and as I said in the beginning: When you greet the delivery professional, or when you just say hello in person; the representatives you meet are so well vetted by Robbin and Terry, you become very reassured that you have found a home with this company. Donations are fair and reasonable; the people, balanced and professional. Couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you RX-C.

Delivery was on time and the driver was nice. The woman on the phone was great to work with and informative. Overall they were a well run service and I will reuse them.

I love the quality, friendliness, knowledge of every person at RX-C. I have never been disappointed with the service and helpfulness of RX-C. They are always on time and their communications are excellent.

Very professional and very helpful. I had been looking all over for super high CBD products and RX-C delivered… literally. For someone who is new to these products, they helped me to pick out the right products for me and it was overall a great experience. The new customer gift is very nice, too. I’ll be ordering from these guys again, for sure!

I went through quite a few dispensaries before finding RX-C. They are the only ones who are able to consistently provide me with high CBD medical strains and products. The staff is very knowledgeable and spends as much time as needed to make sure you get what you need to medicate properly. Having it delivered to your home is just awesome and totally convenient. They also have many perks and bonuses for frequent buyers and you end up getting a lot of free medication. There is an up to date menu online that makes it very easy to browse and find what you need. Everything is high quality and totally pure / organic. Only clean, uncut products are carried and nothing is ever formulated with chemicals. They are also the only dispensary I have found to carry legit pure cannabis oil extract (Rick Simpson Oil). Delivery is always within an hour or so at max. RX-C seems to really believe in the medicinal properties of cannabis and helping people find healing.

Great group of people with outstanding service and quality of items! Friendly and accommodating! Highly recommend! Thanks RX-C for being so cool and easy to do business with!

When I first got my recommendation, I visited their location and was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. When they switched to delivery only, I was worried they would lose that attribute. Quite the contrary, these folks are just as great over the phone. The quick delivery is an added bonus. I would recommend these guys to anyone.

I Love Rx-C!! They’re so helpful and have great deals. Always prompt always on time always have what I want!!! Cheers

I can’t say enough good things about RX-C. They made my first order very painless and were sure I completely understood the products and really made an effort to recommend what would work best with my situation. I went to another dispensary and it was in and out very impersonal and sketchy…..RX-C is the polar opposite. I really appreciated how friendly and happy to help everyone was.”

The Best Dispensary in North County. Always have the highest quality products. Knowledegable and friendly. On time deliveries.

This place has true medicinal herb. They are clean green certified, variety of products, and they will always be willing to work on getting the best deal for you. I’ve been with them for over a month and I have nothing but the best to say about them.

This is by far my favorite dispensary. Everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable. The meds were of very high quality and the customer service is unparalleled. They asked questions about my needs and usage and made very helpful suggestions and recommendations. Then called the next day to make sure I was happy. And I was!

I love this dispensary! The customer service is amazing. They always have helpful advice for me and they deliver.

This is my favorite dispensary in the area, they have wonderful customer service and are very helpful giving recommendations of what strain would be best for your needs. I will definitely continue shopping there.

They are always friendly and have a great staff. Their flower is not what I look for when im shopping for flower because its all organic outdoor. However, it does give you the effects you are looking for, just without that super dank aroma and flavor. They do also have a great selection and good prices on concentrates along with their rewards program. So I highly recommend this delivery service. Very professional, respectful and discreet.

RX-C is a top notch store with a large variety of products. Everyone there is nice and the are very knowledgeable.

Fantastic, professional staff. Love the delivery service – fast and discreet. Will definitely shop here again!

I love this delivery service! so professional and their website is AWESOME! the drivers are knowledgable and on time. If you want good customer service and dank product this is the place for you.

Did I mention that they weigh heavy too? You can taste and feel the difference with this bud. I got the Flo as my Freebie and an 8th of Mr. Nice. Been having trouble sleeping even though I workout daily and have a physically demanding job. and this strain helped resolved that issue no problem. Only giving two reviews because this place EARNED IT

Everyone I talked to throughout the process of my first order was very helpful and got me what I needed. They also have a fantastic selection of the Vape carts I was looking for. All around good find!

They were great, and my first time dispensary service. Long time user, but new license. I wanted something stronger for sleep and more variety than what I currently had. I got all that, plus some free gifts and a cool delivery person. I really liked their website, a lot of info and variety to choose from, (good prices too). Plus they gave good instructions for and high potency edible (for sleep) and so far so good! I will be using their service again!

RXx-C was very helpful over the phone when I was trying to decide which strain and meds to choose for my needs. From start to finish, I received the most professional support and delivery. I’m impressed!!

Super friendly & helpful staff. Whenever I make my order they are happy to take time to help me choose. I love that they are so knowledgeable about their product.

Here’s why RX-C is my #1 dispensary: Only top quality medication. Great website with pictures, descriptions and even lab results. Great people working there, very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Drivers are very discreet, always friendly and helpful. They accept cash and credit cards. I have never had a bad experience with rx-c! Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed!

RX-C is professional, respectable and delivers high quality products. Their web page is informative for new users, even for someone experianced like myself can learn a few things about cannabis as medicine. There is an easy online ordering tool and great member reward programs. Try RX-C today if you want organic top quality medicane provided by individuals dedicated to helping educate and deliver quality cannabis medicine.

Very happy with the selection and the staff. They were very helpful and prompt. Will definitely call again.

Great place! awesome dispensary with great employees!

They are the bee’s knees! Hands down the best.

Awesome MMJ collective. All of the workers here who I had spoken to over the phone were extremely helpful unlike most MMJ delivery services who just assume you’re buying their meds to get stoned, I decided to finally give RX-C a call after a few bad experiences with delivery services in my area. They talked on the phone for about a half an hour + about my previous experiences and gave me lots of knowledge about medicinal marijuana, very fast delivery, very professional.. very pleasant experience, I will definitely use RX-C from now on. -Mike

RX-C is the best dispensary around.  Robbin, Terry and staff are personable, professional, well-informed, legal, high-quality, dog-friendly, compassionate and committed to the cause.  Yesterday I tried their delivery service and was again, impressed, with the professionalism and promptness and quality of my delivery.  RX-C Delivers!  Try them today.  You will be impressed, I promise. 🙂

RX-C is by far the most reliable and friendly service I have tried for my medicating needs. The menu is extensive and the delivery is prompt and discreet.  They have become my #1 for the last few years.

As a 50 sumptin’ visiting Robbin’s place was a pleasure. Upon asking about the edibles we received extensive, knowledgeable info and education clearly explained by Liam. Their vast experience combined with caring instruction will ensure safe and productive use of the medicines.

Terry and Robbin run a very tight ship with the best strains and everything you could want is in their store…they make me and my dog feel at home anytime we visit…the very best of North County is right here!

Well first off …Terry and crew are some of the nicest people to deal with, very friendly, knowledgeable, and kindhearted…with that said, as far as a reliability and quality they are second to none for all your “medicine” needs… From flower to edibles to oils, also they have some pretty cool gear, they got it all… Now I’m rather new to this part of the world…and have been to a few different dispensaries…By far they have been the best. I look forward to my visit each week… Make them your #1 dispensary, I have!!!

Only dispensary I will ever go to. Superior quality flowers all the time, awesome staff, awesome deals! No need to go anywhere else for your medication needs.

5 Star Place! Quality product, and very friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. They were able to recommend a variety of options to fit my needs, and your call is never missed for any of your questions or concerns. This is how business should be run. I would recommend to everyone.

The best place ever, great selection of top quality herbs. The waxes and oils are the best, not to mention the hash. Highly recommend trying the caramels and other candies you’ll be totally satisfied.  I will return as often as I can. Super A++++ shop, personal service you can count on, and friendly helpful staff.

When you want to be properly medicated we all want to seek the best attention. You must search no further. RX-C is the best out there. The staff members are personable and sincere. They work with you to help find the best possible form of herbal medicine. Their atmosphere is discrete, calming and professional. If your looking for quality in service and product I highly recommend this location. I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

My husband and myself have been a patient and collective member at RX-C since we moved to north county in the summer of 2012. We love everything about them, the meds, the staff and the other patients too. I have recommended RX-C to many friends and will continue to do so. Very private and discreet, they always follows the letter of the law, and always helps bring patients good quality meds for a variety of conditions or symptoms. Give them a call and you wont be disappointed!

The only dispensary that I would recommend anybody and everybody to go to. This place is the best. They make you feel at home right when you call and are always super friendly. The med quality is top notch and I think you should definitely check this place out.

What could I say about RX-C that has not been said, first off everytime I visit I feel like I’m going home. The staff are like family to me, been a customer of theirs these past two years. Not only do their employees have an encyclopedic canabis mindset, they’re empathic to each individual’s needs. All I have ever needed was to tell them what hurts, they’ll always pick the right strain. Their top shelf is top shelf! Thanks guys as always, keep up the good fight.

This place is amazing. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They always know your name, your ailment and what result your looking for. Their product is spot on and their service is second to none. I would recommend RX-C for anyone looking for a quality experience.

I have been frequently coming here because the staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. I’ve been to other dispenseries, however RX-C is the best establishment for product. I want to thank RX-C for being there every time they are needed. You will be pleased with these folks.

RX-C has always gone above and beyond to satisfy my needs as a patient. They have medicine in many different forms, including the buds of the plant, edibles, and more concentrated forms such as wax and hash. The quality of their medicine is phenomenal, the only thing better is the relaxed atmosphere and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. They will make sure you have the best kind of medication to suit your specific needs. I have never been to a more comforting and professional dispensary, so please if you’re in the area, give RX-C a try because I know you won’t regret it.

I decided to try this place out a few weeks ago and all I can say is WOW, they came through. The most professional and knowledgeable service in North County by far. The quality is great for the price. I highly recommend and will continue to use RX-C. And the first time gifts are worth your while.

Hands down the best quality meds and service I have ever experienced. HOO-YA Terry! and thank you!

Living up in Bakersfield, you get used to the same buds, the same quality, and you long for a place where everything is better. Well that is where RX-C comes in. The prices are out of this world, the buds are always phenomenal, they are so tasty and sweet, plus it is probably some of the most potent around. The J-1 was sweet and the LA Con was so heavy hitting. One great thing about this service is the oils. They are so amazing, with all the different flavors and now the magnets. Easily the best shop around, better service and professionalism than anyone around.

New customer. I’m extremely satisfied with the service, price, and quality of the buds and oils. Very helpful and well informed, which is hard to find in delivery services. They’ll definitely have me as a regular. I recommend RX-C to everyone!

RX-C is definitely one of the best delivery services I’ve ever ordered from! They have great deals and a great list and variety of concentrates on hand which is hard to find especially from North County Collectives.

I really like the vibes from this place. I’ve been going to RX for awhile, and every time I get something, it’s CHRONIC, and I get a good DEAL. I’m always happy when I choose RX-C. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO THIS PLACE!!!


I have tried many different dispensaries that deliver and by far RX-C is the best! They are quick, friendly, knowledgeable and the buds are bomb!

I’ll put it this way, I’m in and out of town a lot, and I certainly know of all the dispensaries in town as well as a few growers, but still, time and time again I will call Terry. He is the best person to go to when I’m in north county. Never disappoints and always impresses and strives to do more for the patient. Best oil, best wax, best buds. Nobody better than RX-C!


Good deals to begin with, service bar none, smiles galore!! T & T are the coolest, they know how to prescribe, on time, good attitude. KUDOS!!!

I love these guys, they always come in a timely fashion with the great buds, and concentrates! I get from them all the time and I recommend them to any one who likes the chronic.

Me and my GF are heavy smokers. Our tolerance is passed smoking buds. But Terry’s concentrates keep us medicated. He’s the best in north county by far!

Terry is the best, coming from the pickiest patient on the planet. He’s nice, convenient and the meds are always dank. I have trouble sleeping at night so typically I smoke before bed and his stuff always does the trick. Treat others how you’d’ want to be treated. Keep up the good work Terry I support you 🙂

I have used RX-C plenty of times and I am an advocate for them. For one they provide quality meds at realistic prices… at other clubs, outdoor is a bad word…not here.. you might eat your words after getting so high. The ability to choose your free gram is also a rare option as other places have given me meds that are better left untouched.  Terry is a hard working cat. He lives this business and it shows in every aspect.

Good people with good stuff. Really kind and the smoke is as advertised amazing!


My first review didn’t do enough justice for the amazing people here at RX-C for the amount of love that they have shown me! No matter what, they do so much to make you happy and satisfied. I’ve called several times now and everything is so simple, quick, and friendly. Not to mention great buds to choose from and all at an unbeatable price. Keep up the great work! Thanks guys!

Best people! Best Buds! Best everything, hands down. Terry you are a gentleman and a Scholar. The low prices deterred me at first that’s why I had overlooked, cause usually you get what you pay for. Well this is how it is supposed to be everyone! Consistently phenomenal! I’ll never call another place. Oh and I ordered OG Kush, but only small buds. I was told before hand (unlike other company’s) and given a deal that left me quite pleased. See you soon guys.

At first when I saw the menu selection for my meds I thought it seemed too good to be true. With the donation prices set really low I thought the quality would not be as good, but when I got my meds it was too good to be true. The donation is set at a really good amount. Terry is also very helpful, he answered all my questions I had. I will be back very soon.

New to the area and this is one of the first dispensary I’ve signed up with and I will for sure be coming back. The gentleman who delivered my meds was very nice, well informed, helpful and generous. I am a medical patient and I can honestly say that whatever your medical need is, they have something that can heal what ails you. Highly recommend this place, great meds and even better prices and service! If I could give it a higher rating then 5.0 I would!

RX-C is hands down the BEST dispensary in town. Terry is one of the nicest, friendliest, and most thoughtful person I know. He always cares about his patients, treating everybody with the same respect and professionalism. He carries some of the best buds around. Any indoor he gets is top notch, personal favorite being the Sour OG and I really enjoyed the Bubba OG. His outdoor stuff is just as good, being very clean, organic, and a great taste and high to boot. It’s not shwaggy outdoor, its quality medicine every time. Thanks Terry

Terry is the man, his products are above the cut, always. End of discussion. Call this man. Dab happy.

Terry is the man. Best prices and always had a smile on his face and a laugh to give you. Also his buds kick ass and have kept me calling.

Alright I know this review is just like every other review on this page but terry deserves them all he is one of the most committed caring and truly honest collective owner AND driver. He has never misquoted me on the quality of the product, it is almost always organic, flavorful and heavy hitting (chemdawg). Some strains i haven’t really cared for but he has had no problem switching for any reason. His prices are extremely fair and competitive and if you’re looking for the highest quality organic outdoor then look no further RX-C is where it’s at. The organa labs co2 oil is one of the highest quality products in California and Colorado and he has it right here it’s the ultimate concentrate for someone who doesn’t care for butane. Overall RX-C is the one of the only legitimate deliveries I use and he definitely is one of the easiest to deal with no problems ever.

Terry has hands down the BEST meds at the best prices. He cares about the collective members and always has consistent quality. A $40 1/8 from RX-C would go at any other dispensary easily for $60-75 dollars.

Not only is the service top notch the medicine is great. Many different choices for all tastes. Love doing business with them.

I tried a few different waxes and oils and hands down they were the best I’ve ever had. The purity and intense medicinal value are amazing. Number one spot for concentrates.

RX-C is by far one of the best deliveries here in NC. The Candy Kush is one of my new favorites, smells really strong and fruity. You can see and smell the OG in the cross. Very frosty buds, covered with trichomes. The exhale is very sweet, and tastes just like it smells and gives you a strong cerebral high, great for reading a book or relaxing. Tried the Agent 99 and really enjoyed how fresh it tastes, it wasn’t harsh at all on the inhale or the exhale. Very organic, very clean, still covered with a lot of crystals. The best weed is weed grown outside, no substitute for the sun. The high is mellow, a good hybrid that stimulates the body and the mind. The Agent 99 with the RXC Blend wax is a killer. Just a drop and you’re in for a strong long lasting high.

Thank you for everything amazing bud quality.. amazing service.. amazing all around. Honestly I can’t get over how good this service is! Thanks again!

Everything went smooth from verification to check out with fast service. Felt like Terry cared for my needs and made excellent recommendations based on my needs. Bud is amazing!!! Got the Blue Sugar and was blown away. By far one of the best sativas I’ve ever had in my life. Got a free gram of the Vanilla Kush as well. Thanks again. Def give this place a shot and not get disappointed.


(B)omb ass buds at bomb as price
(E)verytime I call he hooks it up
(S)ervice is rated : A+
(T)erry is the man!

Terry and the staff at RX-C are amazing, the meds are INCREDIBLE and after months of service I still can’t and wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I’ve tried almost everything he’s had, I’ve never been let down by Terry/staff and you’ll find exactly what you need if you tell him what you’re looking for. Blue Sugar is Amazing and my usual, I just tried the Cheese and the effect is oh so nice, the smell is intoxicating, I can’t get enough and it also has a great look with a darker tint. No matter what you pick, you can’t go wrong with his selection and with the personality and atmosphere Terry brings with him, you’ll feel good you made RX-C your choice.

Terry is by far my favorite delivery service because he not only has the best flower but he is an awesome dude in general. He gave me a gram of hash as my first time delivery and every delivery since then! RX-C is the best!

I, too, was leary at first. The low prices must mean the bud quality isn’t that good. WRONG! Excellent buds for excellent prices. I really like this delivery and terry knows his stuff! Will be calling again and again!

Best service out there, hands down. Never met a more friendly owner that truly cares about his patients and is always looking to help them out. Carries the best oil, personally tried all of them. The Sour D has a very lifting, productive high. The Skywalker is very heavy, letting your eyes close sends you on a lulling ride asleep. The og Kush has all the flavor you can expect with a heavy couchlock to boot. Also has the best edibles ever, the brownies for 420 were absolutely amazing. His flowers never disappoint, You can not go wrong with anything on this menu.

Love this place. The guy the runs this whole deal is a VERY knowledgable, kind and funny man, and he actually gives a shit about the customer. That’s new to me in this world… and, boy, he knows his shit. I always receive exceedingly high quality product. The whole experience is just on point right from the beginning. Some might scoff at the price, but that’s what you pay for quality. What’s an extra $10 for the sweetest honey oil money can buy? Once you get a taste, there’s no going back. Check out the waxes too.

RX-C where it’s at yo! Finally decided to place an order after hearing about it several times from friends. Completely satisfied! Was sketched by low prices. I was completely wrong. white widow is bomb! Haven’t tried the OG or blue sugar yet… but I can smell it from here haha.