One Minute Cannabist

We’re proud to announce the launch of the first in a series of simple to read books for regular people wanting to explore cannabis as a medicinal therapy. The first in the series, “The One Minute Cannabist: A Primer for Medicinal Cannabis Newbies”, is written by seniors for seniors, as a quick and easy to comprehend compilation of the basics. It’s a perfect resource for those new to cannabis or for those wanting a refresher.

The book explores how and why cannabis works, getting past the stigma of its use, therapy options and common sense implementation. Millions of seniors across the nation are getting all natural relief from arthritic, muscle and nerve pain, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, headaches, backaches, menopause systems, detoxing from opiates, sleeping better, increasing libido, decreasing everyday stress and anxiety and more, simply by using medicinal cannabis.

“So many people, especially seniors are interested, but not sure where or how to start. Understanding the physiology of why it works, the therapies available and how to dose for maximum effectiveness is key to success. A common misconception is that you have to smoke cannabis,” said Terry Lynn co-author of The One Minute Cannabist. “It’s a new world for anyone who only used cannabis recreationally in their youth. Today there are many non-inhalation therapies such as tinctures and topicals. We wrote this book to help people understand and navigate the use of cannabis no matter what their choice of ingestion.”

“People 50 and over have unique challenges with medicinal cannabis, many have past experience and some have never tried it in their lives. One of the biggest challenges and most misunderstood is proper use and dosing. A comment we hear frequently is, I don’t want to be high,” said Robbin Lynn co-author of The One Minute Cannabist. “The One Minute Cannabist takes the mystery out of the notion that you have to be stoned and stupid to get the most out of cannabis by demonstrating how to best select the products you use and most importantly, how to properly dose those products.”

The amount of information about medicinal cannabis  or even a specific condition to be treated with this healing herb can be overwhelming. The One Minute Cannabist: A Primer For Medicinal Cannabis Newbies is an ideal place begin and makes a great quick reference for those with experience.

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