New Products – October 20

In our ever expanding line of quality, organic and responsible products, we’re pleased to now offer the following:


Get Zen Capsules
Offered in a several strengths from no psychoactivity to 25mg per capsule, we’re happy to add these to our product mix because we firmly believe that ethanol extracted brings more benefit that products made from a Co2 extraction. Choose from Tranquility (CBD), Nite Cap (THCA/THC), Serenity (CBD/THC), High THC.

Made from Dirt Topicals
Four specially formulated blends to choose from, these organically produced topicals bring together the best of cannabis and essential oils. We love the way they feel, smell and best of all the relief they bring.

Trokie CBD Pain Patch
Fast acting pain relief in an easy to use transdermal patch containing 25mg CBD. Best for muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, joint pain, cramps. Patches are an ideal option for managing pain when on the go and with holiday travel on the horizon, this a great item for your travel kit.