New Products -October 2

We are always looking for new products to offer variety and options to our members. Be sure to give these a try with your next order:


Kaneh Co. Cinnamon Bun Blondie – a nice change from the typical brownie, this product is infused with 100mg THC.

Satori Chocolate – made from the famous TCHO Chocolatier in San Francisco, these bars are scored in 10mg (160mg bar) or 15mg segments (240mg bar), taking the guesswork out of the cuts.

We’re also pleased to offer Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds 6mg per almond and Dark Chocolate Covered roasted coffee beans, 2mg per piece. Both options are ideal for micro-dosing.

Double Bubble – water hash crumble. This industry famous hash is ideal to smoke alone, dab or add to a bowl or even a favorite recipe. At just $25 per gram, it’s also a great deal.

Freshly pressed Chemdawg Rosin from our Sacramento grower, Chad. Medicating in high concentrations doesn’t get any more natural than this. Available in full grams $25 and half grams $15.

In addition to new products, we are always looking to make our website a useful resource for you. Bookmark Flower selections for a quick view of what is available, as these offerings rotate weekly. Soon, the annual outdoor crops will arrive; well have more to share on that later.