All Natural Skincare using Medicated Topicals

Typical over the counter drugs and skincare products tend to agitate both my insides and skin. Since educating myself about why my body is affected so drastically by chemical laden body products and foods, I have become an advocate for chemical free health and skincare. I worked in the beauty industry for several years and am well versed on multiple skin care techniques although taming my own hot spots has always been a challenge.

Taking control of my nutrition, exercise and hygiene routines has been essential to seeing progress but it was not until adding cannabis to my regimen that I started to see a new level of healing and change in my skin. I talk to members so often about my “cannabis skincare regimen” that I decided it was time to sit down and share it with our online audience and those I may not get to speak with directly about these options. I truly believe anyone could benefit from having these items in their bathroom cabinet for everything ranging from acne and cellulite to overnight camping trips.

It is important to note that the delivery method chosen will determine how it affects one’s skin. Carcinogens associated with combustion and smoking the plant may counteract its anti-aging benefits. Vaporizing it at a lower temperature is a more healthful option and less damaging to the skin. Applying it topically is of course, the most beneficial, healthful method for your skin.

One of the most popular articles I’ve written for RX-C was about our Member Consultant Riane’s experience in Cannabis vs. Cellulite. Riane knew that cannabis has natural collagen building properties and decided to try the cream on the back of her upper thighs seeing noticeable results within 3 weeks. She was thrilled and we have since seen many members have their own “beauty successes” in different ways.

I was inspired by another co-worker to try out the CannaCare Massage Cream as a moisturizer. She had been using it for months and was ecstatic with her results so it was only a matter of time until I was going to give it a try. My skin was producing more oil than it knew what to do with this summer and when my hormones peaked during “that time of the month” there was no hiding from big red bumps all over my face. One day I came across a bottle of our Green Dragon Pain Spray in a cabinet I’d forgotten about month’s before. In that moment I had an experience similar to Riane’s when it dawned on me, “hey, this will help my acne!”  That day my new skin care routine was born. I’ve been using this blend for a while now and can only report positive results.

I’m now using grapeseed oil to remove makeup, a charcoal cleanser/exfoliator, the Green Dragon Pain Spray as a toner and CannaCare Massage Cream as my moisturizer. Top that off with a medicated lip balm and I have a full face of cannabis infused potions protecting my skin. As the weather gets more cool and dry, the lip balm becomes my go to for chronic painful, chapped and cracking lips.

All natural, cannabis infused products make life a little more beautiful in more than enough ways to deserve a little recognition.  As always, I look forward to talking to you about your experiences with our topical products.