Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells.

“The world has come a long way with with regards to accepting this plant as a medicine rather than a harmful substance. It’s a plant that could benefit the planet in more ways than one. Cannabis is not something offered in the same regard as chemotherapy, but more people are becoming aware if it, which . . .

Medical Marijuana Cuts Suicide Rates By 10% In Years Following Legalization

This is some really good news: Legalization of medical marijuana has been found to correlate to a significant drop in the suicide rates, providing additional evidence that the federally outlawed substance may have a positive effect on the U.S public health. Read more here.

Cannabis and Yoga as Complementary Medicines

Two great questions to ponder for anyone who practices yoga…”Is cannabis use complimentary to a yoga practice or is it yoga that compliments medical cannabis use?” and “Would you offer the Dali Lama a joint?” Tell us what you think and read the full article here.

Cannabis and Asthma

This article voids the myth cannabis is bad for people with asthma. Read the full article here.

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