Nutmeg Keeps Endocannabinoids Happening

Pass the Myristica fragrans, please. Compounds in nutmeg have been found to inhibit the body’s production of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) and Monoacylglycerol lipase (MAGL), the enzymes that break down the endocannabinoids Anandamide and 2-AG. While we often don’t think about Nutmeg this time of year, this article got us thinking. Hmmm, why not . . .

Congress Votes To Permit Military Veterans Access To Medical Cannabis

This is amazing progress we have been waiting for. Veterans will now be able to receive a Cannabis recommendation from their V.A. rather than secretly having to go elsewhere in states that already allow Medical Cannabis. Read the full article here.

Did you know JFK used Cannabis for pain relief while in the White House?

John F. Kennedy became President of the United States 24 years after Cannabis was made illegal. While in office from 1961-1963, several stories have come to light showing one of America’s best liked presidents utilized Cannabis as an aid for symptoms of Addison’s Disease. Read the full article here.

Protect Your Rights and Your Pocket Book

Two bills currently in the California legislature are poised to increase the costs of medical cannabis in California. Either bill alone would place a new financial burden on patients. Together, they are a one-two punch that could create a huge, out-of-pocket cost for medicine. AB987 would impose a 15% tax on all your purchases, this is . . .

Cannabis: Protective in Strokes

Short, but concise piece on how cannabis reduces infarct size (size of the stroke or dead brain tissue) by 50% in lab animals. We’ve seen how cannabis has helped to restore cognitive and motor function in members’ who have had strokes. Read full article.

What do we know about the effects of Cannabis on Alzheimer’s?

One of the first records of cannabis being used to treat senile dementia is from Queen Victoria’s doctor in 1890. In recent years leaps and bounds have been made in the research regarding how cannabinoids affect and potentially slow brain conditions like Alzheimer’s. There is still much we have to learn, but the progress that has been . . .

5 Prescription Drugs That Could Literally Replaced By Cannabis

This is a short list of pharma products we see our members wanting to eliminate. We concur with these results within our own member base and wholeheartedly embrace the decision to use cannabis over highly toxic, addictive pills.  Read full article.

Cannabis as Treatment For Prostate Cancer

One of the best articles we’ve seen yet on prostate treatment, explaining the mechanics and the treatments. We are particularly pleased to see information about the best ratios for this type of cancer as ratios are one of the biggest challenges we face until real scientific research is allowed to be performed here in the U.S. We . . .

Not feeling well? Perhaps you’re ‘cannabinoid deficient’

Scientists have begun speculating that the root cause of disease conditions such as migraines and irritable bowel syndrome may be endocannabinoid deficiency. Read full article.

Powerful Study Finds Marijuana Dispensaries Are Literally Saving Lives

This is one statistic, we are PROUD to be part of. Every single day, we hear a new story from our members about their successes in detoxing off dangerous pharmaceuticals. As for the negative side of the report, we know for certain that when you find the right strain(s) for your body, the issues of . . .

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