Governor Brown Passes New Regulations for California

Governor Brown passed and vetoed several bills this week in regards to Cannabis and safety regulations. We see this as another step forward as the state prepares regulations coming into effect in 2018. Click here for the full article.  

Alzheimers Research Expands

Although this is going to take some time, overall it’s great news. We’ve personally witnessed members with early to severe Alzheimer’s improve with cannabis products such as our Full Extract Cannabis Oil. We look forward to the day when the studies won’t be impeded by ignorance and anyone who chooses this therapy may find the research . . .

DEA Ruling Not Your Cup of Tea? Read This

This lighthearted article is about what life might be like if caffeine had been prohibited instead of Cannabis. Although the Cannabis plant is much more complex than the coffee bean, the points made are convincing and entertaining.  Read the full article here.

DEA Continues To Say No

After all the hype, anticipation and speculation the past couple months, we are quite disappointed with the news this morning. It is another vicious circle of argument that goes absolutely nowhere toward furthering the research that does need to be done in order to learn and get the research we need to substantiate what we . . .

Marin health board member proposes open use of medical marijuana at Marin General

Northern California is a different climate when it comes to Cannabis than San Diego. The discussion is much more open up north so it is encouraging to see discussions like this one being had. The idea of inhalation units being used here like they are in Israel makes the potential reality of it all that . . .

These Stats are Exactly Why Big Pharma is Scared of Medical Cannabis

We have the privilege every day of seeing people leave behind the pharmaceuticals that have caused just as much harm as they were meant to help. When you look at the big picture and see what Cannabis is doing for people across the country, it is impossible to deny it’s relieving benefits. Read the newest . . .

Grace Under Fire: the Cannabis Journey of a US Vet

Proud to be able to share Grace’s story with the world in the August 2016 issue of SKUNK. One of the best benefits of being a dispensary owner is knowing we are helping people of all ages and backgrounds. A good percentage of our members are US Vets and a common trend we see with . . .

Medical Marijuana in Israel could assist California’s Industry

When comparing the Israel and California Cannabis markets and approach to the plant there are undeniable similarities. Both places still have a lot of room to mature but the growth of each in the last few decades is undeniable and in some ways, dependent upon each other. Click here for the full article.

Are Dabs bad for you?

As the popularity of dabbing grows, we get more and more questions from members wondering whether it’s an option they should explore. Leafly does a great job in this article of providing the “need to know” information before trying dabbing. Click here for the full article.

Cortney’s Corner: How Cannabis Helped Me Quit Cigarettes

When I decided it was time to quit smoking cigarettes, I wasn’t sure how to navigate my new goal. I wondered if Cannabis would make quitting harder or easier and whether I should keep smoking one if I’m quitting the other. The choice is personal and one each person has to make for themselves. I . . .

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