Thanksgiving with the Family

Thanksgiving evokes many emotions. And good, bad or indifferent, we understand that sadly, sometimes those emotions aren’t always pleasant. But keep in mind you are not alone and more importantly that your medicinal cannabis can be your best friend. Here are some top picks for products to help you cope when the day gets bumpy.

Durban Poison or SFV OG delivers some nice alertness, clarity and focus, while allowing the stress to melt. Bhang 1:1 hash oil for your vape pen is a great alternative when you need to be discreet. Just step outside or in another room for a puff and this mellow blend of THC and CBD induces a mellow and calming but not sedating relaxation.

Choose Green Monkey CBD Energy for a nice boost to both the mind and body without the psychoactive effect. Nibble in 5mg does throughout the day for maximum and long lasting effectiveness. CBD Relax has all the great effects of CBD Energy, without the caffeinated ingredients. I personally never go anywhere without a pack of Bhang CBD Gum. This non-psychoactive option delivers quick relief from high anxiety and stress, while making you feel “better” all over. If you need a little buzz, Edipure ORGANIX Gummies taken in 5mg micro-doses as needed can be a nice option.

Finally, our featured tinctures can deliver some fast stress reduction without any fuss. CBD Alive 10:1 or Moxie Meds 4:1 are excellent options if you want a non-psychoactive result or pick a 2:1 or 1:1 if you prefer a little euphoria.

Except for the flower, all these products travel well. Sadly, it’s still federally illegal to cross state lines with your medicinal cannabis, so be sure to visit our Traveling with Cannabis post for some tips.

Want to share your knowledge of how cannabis can be used medicinally with your family members? Download our new book The One Minute Cannabist. This is a terrific resource for those new to the world of medicinal cannabis. RX-C members receive 50% off retail of $19.99, contact us for a promo code.

Remember to clean and charge your pipe or vaporizer before you head out for the day and please keep all your medicinal cannabis products locked and out of reach of children.

From our family to yours, be grateful and enjoy the day.

“In the moments we are awake to the wonder of simply being alive, gratitude flows,
no matter our circumstances.”

~ M.J. Ryan