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To qualify for membership with RX-C you must:

  1. Be 21 or older,
  2. Have a current California recommendation for medicinal cannabis
  3. Live within our driving delivery zone

PLEASE Note: We do not ship products and our drivers do not deliver outside of our designated zones. 

Member benefits include:

  • Confidential and professional delivery to your home
  • Free Delivery (minimum orders apply)
  • Access to our network of certified cannabis specialists, RNs, MDs and other practitioner’s for private or group consultation
  • We are experts in all our products, and especially CBD
  • Invitations to workshops, support groups and other educational programs
  • Many options for quality, fully lab tested and organically sourced cannabis products

Joining is easy, simply complete this form or email at us at for an application.

  • (CALIFORNIA ONLY – if you are not a resident of California, please do not complete this form)
  • California Cannabis Recommendation

  • Accepted file types: png, jpg, jpeg, pdf.
    (only png, jpg, jpeg, pdf)
  • Please Complete Membership Application

  • Membership Application

    I am applying to Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective as a non-growing member as I do not feel I have the interest or abilities to undertake the amount of work that is involved in producing high quality, safe medical cannabis. I agree as a condition to my membership that I will have a policy of non-diversion of my medical cannabis into the illegal market place. I will take steps to store any medical cannabis that I have in a safe and secure manner.
  • ALL APPLICANTS: You are advised to research medical marijuana as medicine, and consult with your doctor as to dosage and frequency of medication. You are responsible for following those guidelines. You are responsible not to abuse medicine. If we have any indication you are abusing medicine, we will refuse service, and your Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective membership may be revoked. As an applicant for membership into Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective:
    1. I hereby declare that I am a qualified cannabis patient or primary caregiver pursuant to the laws of the State of California with a current recommendation from a licensed physician.
    2. I declare that I am a resident of California and that I intend to remain a resident of California throughout the term of my membership with Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective.
    3. I agree to provide an original copy of my current physician’s recommendation, as well as a current state issued form of identification with a photograph, to Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective for copying and filing in their membership records. I understand that this information will be handled in a confidential manner.
    4. I acknowledge that I am joining Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective to be part of a not-for-profit, closed-loop collective of qualified patients and primary caregivers who are associating to cultivate, exchange and distribute medical cannabis.
    5. I acknowledge that cannabis affects every individual differently and release and hold harmless Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective for liability and responsibility for any and all reactions I may have using medical cannabis received from Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective.
    6. I certify under the penalty of perjury that the information provided in this agreement is true and accurate and that I am not seeking membership in Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective for any fraudulent purpose.
    7. I guarantee that I will not distribute any medicinal cannabis products received from Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective to any other person, and I shall use it for medical purposes only. I declare that I will implement my own policies at home, the office, the car, wherever I am or travel to within California, that will ensure that my medical cannabis does not get into the illegal market, nor will it get into the hands of minors. I agree to handle my medical cannabis as I would any other prescription medicine prescribed by a physician, knowing that these same medicines can be very dangerous to a person for whom they are not recommended or prescribed. I understand that the medical cannabis laws of California provide me no defense in other states, and that simple possession may be illegal.
    8. I understand that the use of medical cannabis may impair my ability to drive, or to use machinery.
    9. I understand my contributions for medicinal cannabis I may receive from Essential CB dba: RX-C Collective are used to ensure continued operation and that this transaction in no way constitutes commercial promotion of illegal marijuana. The money I may donate, or work that I do in the production of medical cannabis, are to help the Collective to continue to operate and meet the associated costs and expenses of providing its members with medical marijuana for their medical needs.
  • Product & Return Protocols

    1. I understand that my recommendation must be current to receive a delivery, arrange for a product pick-up or visit the RX-C showroom.
    2. I understand that RX-C does not accept exchanges for opened products and I am responsible for understanding return policies which are maintained at
  • By printing my full name below and submitting this document, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to abide by all the protocols outlined above as a condition of my membership in RX-C Collective.
  • (note: we do not send more than 2 per month)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What to Expect:

If you’re new to RX-C, here’s a quick primer of what to expect:

It is our policy to pre-verify your recommendation prior to discussing products. On receipt of your application and documents, we’ll review and reach out by phone to complete the process and assist you with your order.

Whether you are a regular cannabis user, just returning to use, or have never tried it, a Member Consultant will review your reason(s) for choosing cannabis, determine your experience level, tolerance level and discuss your overall use preferences.

If you know what you would like to order, our friendly operators will take your order and provide an overview of the delivery process.

If you require a consultation or a deeper understanding, we will be happy to arrange a consultation with a Certified Cannabist Specialiss at the One Minute Cannabist.

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