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Membership with RX-C

New Members – Join our Collective

RX-C always welcomes members who meet the following three criteria:

  1. Must have a current California recommendation for medicinal cannabis
    (we regret that due to current law, we cannot accept out of state recommendations)
  2. Must be a California resident with a valid CA ID or state issued ID with Proof of Residency
    ( legal proof of California residency accepted: Car registration, utility bill or lease agreement)
  3. Must be 21 or over

There is no charge to become a member of our collective, but the benefits are numerous.

Become a Member of our Collective Today

We are a medicinal cannabis collective operating under Prop 215/SB 420.
Prop 64 will not go into full effect until 2018 and does not apply to our business.

RX-C offers a higher level of service than most and to maintain that level, all orders are a $50 minimum.

Existing Members

We strongly encourage Members to read through each menu option in this section to become familiar with all the programs available to you, as well as important policies. Below are the most frequently viewed pages.

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