Cortney’s Corner: Strawberry Tahoe OG

I’ve mentioned my love for indica’s before, haven’t I? My medicinal reasons for using cannabis include pain relief for a subluxation in my neck and as a calming/anxiety aid. Although I have an affinity for heavy hitting strains like the one being highlighted in this post, indica’s can do wonders for helping anxiety and pain to melt away in a manageable way for many situations.

For a few months now I’ve been experiencing a peak in anxiety like I haven’t experienced in a long time. When that happens sleep can be very difficult to attain. Therefore, my indica search has been more of  a struggle than usual and my tolerance builds quickly to strains that are anything less than “very” sedating. Being that I have the tolerance and anxiety I do, sometimes it can be difficult to continuously find strains that will give me real relaxation and sleep.

On trying the Strawberry Tahoe OG I was pleasantly and heavily surprised. The head change provided is euphoric, content and focused. Tight muscles release and the body sinks heavily. I recommend this strain for members with any tolerance looking for deep relaxation or a good night’s rest. You may find yourself using less than you would with other indica strains. A little really does go a long way. You will most likely not want to leave the house when using this strain, so cuddle up on the couch with a good book before a restful night’s sleep.

Selecting the right strains is essential to having a positive experience for any patient’s individual situation. If you aren’t sure how to select strains for your goals, please ask a member consultant when placing your next order by phone or visiting our showroom. We have recently extended our showroom hours and love having you visit us and assisting you in obtaining the relief you need. Through consultation and a varied menu, I see members finding their best options much more efficiently with a consult, than without guided assistance.

Be Elevated.