Cortney’s Corner: How Cannabis Helped Me Quit Cigarettes

When I decided it was time to quit smoking cigarettes, I wasn’t sure how to navigate my new goal. I wondered if Cannabis would make quitting harder or easier and whether I should keep smoking one if I’m quitting the other. The choice is personal and one each person has to make for themselves. I decided that because Cannabis is natural and had caused me no health problems (especially compared to the coughing and inflammation cigarettes caused) I would continue using it the same way I had since before I ever touched a cigarette.

I knew certain triggers would make staying away from cigarettes more difficult so I analyzed how I could use Cannabis to get me past the tough moments and hopefully help me move past the habit altogether. I found great success utilizing a few different options I’m excited to share with you.

The hardest part of quitting comes in the first week. Three to five days after you quit, cravings tend to intensify. You’re sluggish and your body begins producing a lot of gunk in the lining of your lungs in order to expel it. Of course, these symptoms subside after a few weeks but they’re enough to have many people running back to smoking land without a second thought. Starting the day with a cannabis leaf juice gave me the physical and mental boost needed to tackle my nasty habit. By splitting the dose into two 1 oz shots (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), I gained relief from the cravings and got a nice energy boost.

In moments of stress when I would normally have reached for a cigarette, I now use my Care By Design 8:1 tincture in conjunction with a vaporizer. When I hold the tincture under my tongue for a minute, I feel more calm and peaceful within the next 20. If I need immediate relief I will take a sip from my vape, something like KurVana Pineapple Express would be a good daytime option. Since the vaporizer provides nearly instant relief, by taking a puff and then a spray of tincture I know the tension and anxiety will subside. If your tolerance does not allow or if you prefer to stay away from THC during the day, the Bhang 2:1 Cartridge may be a perfect cartridge for easing stress.

During that time I experimented with a few different options and found things that weren’t particularly helpful as well. I found that joints were too similar to cigarettes and although the taste and effect provided were much different, just holding it made me think of and crave a cigarette afterward.

I’m approaching two years now of being cigarette free and can tell you it was worth the few weeks of transition. Having cannabis certainly softened the harshness of the process and I’d encourage you to search out the products that would best assist you.

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