Terry’s Top Picks from the Garden

With so many great strains from our fantastic growers, it’s hard to recommend one over the other. This month, we asked our founder, Terry to pick. Here’s what he suggests: “Old school cannabis lovers will appreciate the genetics in our Pure Kush and Golden Train strains.

Whether you’re an indica or a sativa lover, these strains bring smooth relief for stress, anxiety, depression, headaches and fatigue. Pure Kush is dense, with deep purple tones and smells of earthy woods. Golden Train is medium density with deep red hairs throughout the buds and the unmistakable flavor of pine and lemon. Mix them in a bowl, bong or vaporizer for an even deeper and balanced experience.

$10 ADD-On Flower

Look for the “$10 Add-On” icon on our Flower menu.  Add up to 10 grams of the Add-On strain to your order and you’ll receive it at a discounted price of just $10 per gram. Check back each Wednesday to find see which Flower is selected for this special promo each week.

*limitations may apply, to receive the discount, you must order at least one other item at regular price, while supplies last.

KurVana July Special

We’re pleased to pass along 20 days of savings from KurVana to you, our valued members. Beginning July 11 through July 31 all:

1 / 2 gram KurVana cartridges are just $25* each

Pre-boxed KurVana Packs, which include one indica, one sativa and a KurVana puller pen are just $60* each

*Other promotional discounts may not be combined with this offer. Standard 30 day no-fault guarantee applies.

New Lower Prices

We’re happy to announce the following permanent price reductions on select products.

All THC 1/2 gram cartridges are now just $30.
Mix and match and continue to save even more with our every day buy 5, get one half off special.

Care by Design Tinctures are now just $50 for 15ml bottles.
Absolute Extracts Tinctures are now just $40 for 15ml size bottles.

FlowKana pre-packed 1/8ths are always $55. Strains vary, with 3.6 grams packed in individual air-sealed amber jars.

Kaneh-Co 500mg Brownies now $25.

Edipure and Edipure ORGANIX 100mg gummies and hard candies are now $10 each.
Mix and match all edible products and continue to save even more with our every day buy 10 edibles, get one FREE special.

We’re seeing some nice price pressure throughout the industry and we’ll continue to pass along all savings from our suppliers to you.

Cannabis for Constipation

Affecting millions, constipation is an uncomfortable and inconvenient condition that can be a problem for people of all ages. There are many reasons we become constipated, with the usual suspects being a low fiber diet, repeatedly ignoring the urge to go, not drinking enough water or a lack of exercise. Other causes include overuse of painkillers and supplements or diseases such as hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and Parkinson’s.

Constipation is generally defined as not having a bowel movement in more than three days or two or fewer bowel movements in a week, hard stool, straining and / or incomplete evacuation for 25% or more of the time. Symptoms of constipation include: infrequent or difficult bowel movements, swollen and / or painful abdomen, vomiting and just a general feeling of blah.

As cannabis becomes more accepted, people everywhere are discovering one of the positive side effects of using this remarkable plant on a regular basis. Cannabis has anti-emetic and powerful muscle relaxing properties which not only eases nausea, but has being shown to alleviate the constipation of intestinal reflexes. Constipation was one of the original uses for the herb as a medicine, cited by Shen-Nung five thousand years ago. Smoking cannabis works to produce the fastest result, often within minutes. In China, cannabis seed / hemp seed oils are widely used as laxatives and Ayurvedic practitioners mix raw hemp leaves with milk, sugar and spices to treat constipation.

A daily dose of cannabis along with a healthy diet and exercise can go a long way to preventing constipation. If inhalation is your therapy of choice, we suggest the following strains: Cheese – Berry White – Pink OG – Grapefruit Kush or Equinox.

For non-smokers, using any of our tincture offerings or drinking our raw cannabis juice on a regular basis is a good choice for both treatment and prevention.

dedicated to Elevating Cannabis

(this article written by Robbin & Heather)

Terpene Profile: Humulene

There are hundreds of compounds in a cannabis plant including cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids (commonly referred to as terpenes). Many people select their cannabis based strictly on cannabinoid levels, usually THC and more recently CBD. But there is an even more important component to consider: The terpene profile.

Terpenes are a group of essential oils natural occurring in cannabis plants. The terpenes are secondary metabolites biosynthesized in the glandular trichomes of the leaves and flowers and accumulate in the exuded resin. Many terpenes will act synergistically with each other, as well as other compounds in the cannabis plant. It’s these terpenes that are responsible for the characteristic aromas, flavor and effects each strain induces.

Humulene is one such terepene. It is an isomer of b-Caryophyllene, another very therapeutic terpene. This means that these terpenes share the same chemical formula, but differ in structure. Humulene is evident from its strong earthy, woodsy aroma. It is also found naturally in hops, sage and ginseng. Strains rich in Humulene will potentiate the effects of b-caryophyllene on anti-cancer activity. Humulene has very potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Those looking for relief from chronic inflammation or pain should look for this terpene. In addition, those battling fungal infections, cancers or looking to prevent both can benefit from its anti-proliferative properties. See a study from 2007 found here.

The final bonus of Humulene for many, is that it is a natural appetite suppressant. So if you find that cannabis induces your appetite too much, selecting strains rich in Humulene may help curb those cravings.

Selecting strains based on terpenes rather than just cannabinoids brings an entirely new dimension to the cannabis consumer and something we strongly promote. Not only will you find synergistic results for remedying a myriad of conditions such as pain, inflammation, insomnia, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections, you’ll also be able to intelligently select new strains that are best for your body, based on matching up the terpene profile, when your favorite strain is not available

To learn more, see our complete Terpene Chart and Why Terpenes Matter article as published in SKUNK Magazine.


 Our Member Consultants are here to answer any questions to help you discover your optimal methods and dose.

Moxie Meds 100% Organic Tincture

Introduced in late 2015, Moxie Meds tinctures are a revolutionary all natural cannabis medicine grown, produced and thoughtfully designed specifically for women by women, from the organic cannabis farms to the research and development lab. The tinctures are formulated in a Relief 1:1 and Recovery 4:1 -CBD to THC ratio- to aid in relief of severe menstrual cramps, hormonally-related stress, menopausal symptoms and other reproductive concerns.

Robbin sat down with founder Jessica Peters to learn more:

Several things set us apart. First, we start with 100% organic ingredients. To us, organic is a critical component and our growers in the Emerald Triangle and beyond deliver the best organically grown flowers available. Next, we use a full plant alcohol extraction. Then we combine the cannabis oil with fractionated coconut instead of just the MCT, which is typically used, along with added terpenes that enhance the therapeutic properties. The entourage effect of the oils and terpenes make for a more consistent and effective formulation.

BCP is a naturally occurring terpene in many strains of cannabis as well as many foods. It has a host of properties including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic and anti-depressive; all of these are similar to the suite of properties produced by CBD on its own. In addition, BCP is a CB2 agonist. This means it actually helps bind CBDs into our cannabinoid receptors, which is where the real science of our endocannabinoid system comes into play. The more I learned about BCPs, the more it seemed a natural approach to combine this into the tincture. We spent many months testing the theory and the results revealed that the increased BCPs definitely improved overall efficacy.

We educate those using our products to approach them take a chronic vs. acute need. Simply put, instead of using Moxie Meds as a quick fix, take it in small doses on a daily basis. That way the key ingredients go to work in your body, activating your natural cannabinoid receptors. Those with higher tolerances to THC, or who suffer debilitating monthly cycles, will benefit from taking a small amount of our Relief 1:1 formulation daily. They can always take more as needed during the menstrual onset. The Recovery 4:1 formulation is ideal for women who have lower tolerance to THC, suffer from anxiety & depression, as well as menopausal symptoms. For most of my life, my period was a BIG problem. This medication resolved my own endometriosis condition and was created for patients like you by patients like you.

As the regulations in California take shape, we plan to continue to build our presence in California and reach out to the Eastern states to introduce quality medicine to those who need it most.

Jessica Peters is a cannabis clinician focused on pediatric patients and women’s reproductive concerns, as well other under-addressed patient populations. Formerly the CBD Specialist at Harborside Health Center, she works with components of the cannabis plant currently left untouched by the broader industry and also has a focus on the interactions between cannabis and other phytonutrients.

Ask a consultant for more information about how Moxie Meds tinctures can go to work for you.


this article was published in Issue 2 March/April of The Highway California.
Click for a PDF HWYCALI-002-MOXIEmeds.


Elevating Cannabis: January News

Save The Date: Thursday February 9

Whole Lotta LOVE Member Mingle

The Member Mingle is a unique “Members Only” venue that gives you an opportunity to sample new products, socialize in our vape lounge, explore new therapies, take advantage of special product discounts, meet our team, including our amazing suppliers, all, while enjoying the company of like-minded fellow members.

February’s theme “Whole Lotta Love” is in homage to St. Valentines, but also a way for us to show our love and appreciation to our members. Carmen will be offering a special Reiki overview & demo, Dani will be offering complimentary chair massages and the rest of the team will be sharing some tried and true methods for maximizing results from cannabis therapies.

Space is limited and will fill up fast. Please RSVP to info@rx-c.com, TXT us at 760 579 2262 or call us at 760 849 8250.

We’re Growing To Serve You Better

You’ll be hearing some new voices on the phone this month as we ramp up staffing in answer to your demands for more flexibility in receiving your products. As we train the team, we’ll continue to modify the services and hours we are available to meet your schedules.

To accommodate more members, we are now offering 15-minute Browse & Select Appointments in our showroom. Visit: http://rx-c.com/consult-options/ for full details.

Grab N Go is offered to existing members only. If you know what you need, call us 30 minutes ahead and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. See hours this service is available below and know we look forward to expanding those hours even more in February.

RX-C offers a complimentary rewards program for all its members. Every time you make a donation, you’re earning points toward FREE products. On top of purchase points, you can also earn 100 bonus points for every new member you refer. Watch the reward points add up as you enjoy our quality, organic cannabis products. Our 2017 program is now in effect. See full program details.

Cannabis and Pets

From anxiety, to arthritis, to hip dysplasia, to making a pet’s final days more comfortable and a myriad of conditions in between, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and other domestic animals globally are benefiting from cannabis therapies. We’ve learned quite a bit in the past few years. Read more.

Flower Power

We’re pleased to offer several unique sun-kissed, outdoor varieties from our grow partners in Mendocino county. We’re also now stocking 1/8ths from Emerald Farms Cooperative, priced $50-$55 per 1/8th.  See Flower on our menu for options and full details.

January Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am-7pm
Appts available beginning at 1130am
Grab n Go orders available to pick up beginning at 1pm
Friday 10am-6pm (deliveries scheduled in advance available till 7pm)
Appts available beginning at 1130am
Grab n Go orders available to pick up beginning at 1pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Appts available beginning at 1030am
Grab n Go orders available to pick up beginning at 11am

We are Elevating Cannabis.


Just in Time for Christmas

We’ve just stocked four new organically grown, sun-kissed strains from our esteemed growers of the Emerald Triangle. We’re offering these at just $55 per 1/8th.

Red Durban -Indica
Blueberry OG* -Indica
Blueberry Sherbert* -Sativa
Black Garlic -Indica Indica

*these two share the same Blueberry parent/genetics

In addition, due to a special discount from the supplier, we’re pleased to pass along a 20% discount on all Care by Design and Absolute Extracts tinctures and soft gels.

Offers valid through December 31 or while supplies last.

12 Days of Christmas

Yes, dear Member, there is a Santa Claus. RX-C is pleased to offer the following promotions to our valued members from December 5 through December 16.

the fine print:

This promotion applies only to our EXISTING members. New Members may take advantage of the savings on any order placed after the first order and before the promotion expires.

No limits on any items, but if you would like to orders quantities of 5 or greater of any particular item, we request that you do a pre-order. Just give us 3-5 days notice to ensure we have available stock for the items you desire.

1/8ths are weighed at 3.5 -3.7 grams

All are items are on promotion while supplies last and the promotion is subject to change at any time.

*Cartridges must be bought in increments of 2, the discount will not apply to singles

**Our usual discount programs will not apply to these offers (i.e. Buy 5 Cartridges, get one half off, Buy 10 Edibles, get 1 FREE or buy 4 Medi Cones, save $15)