So Very Thankful

This is the time of year when we can all take a breath and reflect on what we are most thankful for. There have been so many changes for us this year as we’ve navigated our personal health and well-being as well as the political landscape.

It’s easy to say how very thankful and grateful we are for the opportunity to be of service to all our members and that we are able to part of your cannabis journey. Every single day, we hear new stories about how cannabis has helped to reduce all kinds of pain, induce restful sleep, wean from opioids, manage anxiety, stress, PTSD, reduce seizures, fight cancer and more. In short, helping people feel healthier and happier using the most naturally beneficial plant our Earth has to offer. And that is why we do what we do.

As our small way of saying “THANK YOU” to all our members we’re offering the following savings November 14 through November 30.

  • All 1/8ths $50 (no restrictions, no limits)
  • All $30 1/2 cartridges, 2 for $50
  • $5 off all tinctures

Pre-orders are welcome and encouraged. Discounts may be not combined with other offers.

Refill Delivery Program. Save Time & Money.

It’s always gratifying when our members share their successes and they have found a dosing protocol that is bringing the relief they seek. To ensure we always have the products you need, when you need them, we’re rolling out a Refill Delivery program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact a member consultant to review your history, assess your use and how often you need to have a particular product and in what quantity.
  2. The member consultant will review your requirements with management and report back to you with discount options.
  3. Upon your approval, we’ll set up a Refill Delivery at the interval you request.
  4. There are no prepayments or obligations, this is simply a way we can better serve your needs while extending discounts for loyalty.

Refill Delivery Benefits

Convenience of refills without any commitments

With Refill Delivery, you get the convenience of automatic deliveries where we do the remembering for you. There are no commitments, obligations or fees and you can cancel your Refill Delivery at any time.

Choose the delivery schedule that fits your needs

Refill Delivery orders are available in intervals from two-week to six-weeks. You select how frequently you want your items to be delivered, and we’ll automatically set up your refill orders.

Pay as you go

You’ll be charged for each order at the time of delivery. The amount charged will reflect the price of the item on the day the order is processed less the applicable refill delivery discount, plus any applicable sales tax.

Cancel at any time

There are no commitments. Cancel your refill delivery anytime.

Get reminders

Before we pack up your refill for delivery, we will call you or send you an e-mail letting you know your order will be processed, giving you time to make any updates or modifications.

the fine print:

Refill Deliveries will replace the Member Reward program, which will be phased out completely on December 31, 2017. Refill Delivery orders will not accumulate toward member reward points. Refill delivery discounts may not be combined with other promotional offers.

Refill Delivery pricing is subject to change if suppliers increase costs. You will be notified of any increases. 


Will You Trust Your Doctor?

The Medical Board of California has released guidance to its members with respect to when and why they might recommend cannabis. I wonder how many doctors follow such stringent protocols when deciding to prescribe dangerous, highly addictive pharmaceuticals. (Oh wait, those are federally legal, so it’s ok).

Prior to 1937, cannabis was prescribed by more than 100,000 doctors for treating hundreds of conditions. In the past 80 years, so much knowledge and understanding of this beneficial plant has been lost in the medical community. The human endocannabinoid system was discovered in the late 1980’s and today few doctors understand it, much less talk about it. As with overall nutrition, this is simply not a subject that is covered in medical school.  I find it an enormous disservice that a physiological system so vital to all our other systems is completely neglected and not understood by mainstream medical practitioners.

The notion of the Doctor-Patient Agreement to be provided and signed at the time of the recommendation, along with the simple chart included in the guidelines to help a doctor decide when cannabis might be a good choice infuriates me.  The guidelines state, “A patient need not have failed on all standard medications in order for a physician to recommend or approve the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes”. Yet, the sample flow-chart relating to pain management is clearly biased toward cannabis as a last resort, not as an viable and natural alternative to the dangerous narcotics being prescribed.

As a non-medical professional, it’s obvious to me that the first choice here is opioids and continuing to instill fear and mis-information to patients, by perpetuating the archaic belief that cannabis is highly addictive and dangerous.

But please don’t take my word for it, read the guidelines yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Honoring Our Vets With 11

Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day and marked the end of hostilities of World War I that occurred at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month.

That was the moment at which World War I largely came to end in 1918. Today, Veterans Day honors the duty, sacrifice and service of America’s nearly 25 million veterans of all wars. We should remember and celebrate those men and women. So often lost in that worthy goal is the forgotten meaning of this day in history — the meaning which Congress gave to Armistice Day in 1926:

“To perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations … inviting the people of the United States to observe the day … with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples.”

This week, it is our honor to spread some extra “good will” to our Veteran members. Place an order November 8 – November 11, 2017 and we’ll take $11 off every $100 purchase. Just let us know you are a Veteran  (this offer applies to active duty military and spouses as well).

Thank you for your service to our nation. We salute you.

Want to learn more about the historical significance of Veterans Day? please click here.

*offer valid through midnight 11/11/17

Spooky Savings

In honor of a favorite holiday at RX-C, from now until October 31, we’re pleased to offer:

Mix and match brands and flavors. Limited to stock on hand at time of order. While supplies last. Discounts may not be combined with other offers.

Flower Power Pre-Order

We are always happy to take your order in advance and now we’re giving you an added incentive: Flower Power Pre-Order.

Place any order by Saturday at 4pm. Request it to be delivered the following Tuesday or Wednesday and we’ll discount the prices on all flowers to just $50 per 1/8th. That’s just $12.50 per gram.

Mix and match up to 28 grams. Every 1/8th will be priced at $50.

Just be home to receive the delivery the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

offer valid through December 31, 2017

New Products – October 20

In our ever expanding line of quality, organic and responsible products, we’re pleased to now offer the following:


Get Zen Capsules
Offered in a several strengths from no psychoactivity to 25mg per capsule, we’re happy to add these to our product mix because we firmly believe that ethanol extracted brings more benefit that products made from a Co2 extraction. Choose from Tranquility (CBD), Nite Cap (THCA/THC), Serenity (CBD/THC), High THC.

Made from Dirt Topicals
Four specially formulated blends to choose from, these organically produced topicals bring together the best of cannabis and essential oils. We love the way they feel, smell and best of all the relief they bring.

Trokie CBD Pain Patch
Fast acting pain relief in an easy to use transdermal patch containing 25mg CBD. Best for muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, joint pain, cramps. Patches are an ideal option for managing pain when on the go and with holiday travel on the horizon, this a great item for your travel kit.

Cannabis Consultation Services

We’re pleased to announce a new alliance with cannabis trained R.N.’s from Holistic Caring and Dr. Jamie Corroon, N.D., founder and director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Education. With these alliances our members now have access to cannabis friendly clinicians who understand the use of cannabis along with traditionally prescribed pharmaceuticals or other natural remedies.

Since our inception, RX-C has specialized in serving those new to using cannabis medicinally or even those with experience who want to learn more about the science and therapies available, with our consultation service. We are experts in our products and their uses, but we are not licensed medical clinicians, and we have been able to take the needs of those we service only so far. Through this alliance with the medical community, our members can take their cannabis experience to an entirely new clinical level.

If you are still struggling with your dose, weaning off your pharmaceuticals or want a new perspective on your cannabis use, a consultation with Holistic Caring or Dr. Corroon may be the missing link in your success.

Book a private consultation for yourself or a family member today.

New Products -October 2

We are always looking for new products to offer variety and options to our members. Be sure to give these a try with your next order:


Kaneh Co. Cinnamon Bun Blondie – a nice change from the typical brownie, this product is infused with 100mg THC.

Satori Chocolate – made from the famous TCHO Chocolatier in San Francisco, these bars are scored in 10mg (160mg bar) or 15mg segments (240mg bar), taking the guesswork out of the cuts.

We’re also pleased to offer Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds 6mg per almond and Dark Chocolate Covered roasted coffee beans, 2mg per piece. Both options are ideal for micro-dosing.

Double Bubble – water hash crumble. This industry famous hash is ideal to smoke alone, dab or add to a bowl or even a favorite recipe. At just $25 per gram, it’s also a great deal.

Freshly pressed Chemdawg Rosin from our Sacramento grower, Chad. Medicating in high concentrations doesn’t get any more natural than this. Available in full grams $25 and half grams $15.

In addition to new products, we are always looking to make our website a useful resource for you. Bookmark Flower selections for a quick view of what is available, as these offerings rotate weekly. Soon, the annual outdoor crops will arrive; well have more to share on that later.

Time for Action in Oceanside

The Oceanside Ad-hoc Committee for Medical Marijuana held its final meeting on September 28 and announced they would be developing ordinances for dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution licensing. This is fantastic news and progress for Oceanside. And the hard work has only just begun.

While the two council members on the committee support implementing the state laws with respect to legal medicinal cannabis, two have consistently voiced opposition to allowing safe access in their city.

The action needed is letters, emails, phone calls and requests for meetings with these elected officials. Please share your stories and how having safe, local access is important to you. The key message to deliver is the need for SAFE, professional and dignified access. If we can convince the council to adopt the ordinances we could be on our way to being fully licensed in the city of Oceanside. Nothing would make us prouder than to hang our shingle as a licensed dispensary in the city of Oceanside and be accessible to meet your needs in a face to face environment.

Show your support by calling the city at 760-435-4500, emailing the council (address below) or mailing a letter today. If you need guidance, let us know, we’re happy to help.

Contact info: