Spooky Savings

In honor of a favorite holiday at RX-C, from now until October 31, we’re pleased to offer:

Mix and match brands and flavors. Limited to stock on hand at time of order. While supplies last. Discounts may not be combined with other offers.

Flower Power Pre-Order

We are always happy to take your order in advance and now we’re giving you an added incentive: Flower Power Pre-Order.

Place any order by Saturday at 4pm. Request it to be delivered the following Tuesday or Wednesday and we’ll discount the prices on all flowers to just $50 per 1/8th. That’s just $12.50 per gram.

Mix and match up to 28 grams. Every 1/8th will be priced at $50.

Just be home to receive the delivery the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

offer valid through December 31, 2017

New Products – October 20

In our ever expanding line of quality, organic and responsible products, we’re pleased to now offer the following:


Get Zen Capsules
Offered in a several strengths from no psychoactivity to 25mg per capsule, we’re happy to add these to our product mix because we firmly believe that ethanol extracted brings more benefit that products made from a Co2 extraction. Choose from Tranquility (CBD), Nite Cap (THCA/THC), Serenity (CBD/THC), High THC.

Made from Dirt Topicals
Four specially formulated blends to choose from, these organically produced topicals bring together the best of cannabis and essential oils. We love the way they feel, smell and best of all the relief they bring.

Trokie CBD Pain Patch
Fast acting pain relief in an easy to use transdermal patch containing 25mg CBD. Best for muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, joint pain, cramps. Patches are an ideal option for managing pain when on the go and with holiday travel on the horizon, this a great item for your travel kit.

Cannabis Consultation Services

We’re pleased to announce a new alliance with cannabis trained R.N.’s from Holistic Caring and Dr. Jamie Corroon, N.D., founder and director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Education. With these alliances our members now have access to cannabis friendly clinicians who understand the use of cannabis along with traditionally prescribed pharmaceuticals or other natural remedies.

Since our inception, RX-C has specialized in serving those new to using cannabis medicinally or even those with experience who want to learn more about the science and therapies available, with our consultation service. We are experts in our products and their uses, but we are not licensed medical clinicians, and we have been able to take the needs of those we service only so far. Through this alliance with the medical community, our members can take their cannabis experience to an entirely new clinical level.

If you are still struggling with your dose, weaning off your pharmaceuticals or want a new perspective on your cannabis use, a consultation with Holistic Caring or Dr. Corroon may be the missing link in your success.

Book a private consultation for yourself or a family member today.

New Products -October 2

We are always looking for new products to offer variety and options to our members. Be sure to give these a try with your next order:


Kaneh Co. Cinnamon Bun Blondie – a nice change from the typical brownie, this product is infused with 100mg THC.

Satori Chocolate – made from the famous TCHO Chocolatier in San Francisco, these bars are scored in 10mg (160mg bar) or 15mg segments (240mg bar), taking the guesswork out of the cuts.

We’re also pleased to offer Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds 6mg per almond and Dark Chocolate Covered roasted coffee beans, 2mg per piece. Both options are ideal for micro-dosing.

Double Bubble – water hash crumble. This industry famous hash is ideal to smoke alone, dab or add to a bowl or even a favorite recipe. At just $25 per gram, it’s also a great deal.

Freshly pressed Chemdawg Rosin from our Sacramento grower, Chad. Medicating in high concentrations doesn’t get any more natural than this. Available in full grams $25 and half grams $15.

In addition to new products, we are always looking to make our website a useful resource for you. Bookmark Flower selections for a quick view of what is available, as these offerings rotate weekly. Soon, the annual outdoor crops will arrive; well have more to share on that later.

Time for Action in Oceanside

The Oceanside Ad-hoc Committee for Medical Marijuana held its final meeting on September 28 and announced they would be developing ordinances for dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution licensing. This is fantastic news and progress for Oceanside. And the hard work has only just begun.

While the two council members on the committee support implementing the state laws with respect to legal medicinal cannabis, two have consistently voiced opposition to allowing safe access in their city.

The action needed is letters, emails, phone calls and requests for meetings with these elected officials. Please share your stories and how having safe, local access is important to you. The key message to deliver is the need for SAFE, professional and dignified access. If we can convince the council to adopt the ordinances we could be on our way to being fully licensed in the city of Oceanside. Nothing would make us prouder than to hang our shingle as a licensed dispensary in the city of Oceanside and be accessible to meet your needs in a face to face environment.

Show your support by calling the city at 760-435-4500, emailing the council (address below) or mailing a letter today. If you need guidance, let us know, we’re happy to help.

Contact info: council@ci.oceanside.ca.us

Opioid Awareness Day

Here’s a nice article that takes an interesting angle on the stages of acceptance for cannabis.

As someone who educates on cannabis and its uses, the only element missing from this article is the fact that cannabis is a purely natural choice with NO dangerous side effects. It is not one dangerous drug replacing another.

If a cannabis product were allowed to be marketed like a pharma drug, say Humira, those 30=40 seconds it takes to tell users how many ways Humira can kill you, could be replaced with 30-40 seconds of how many ways cannabis can improve your quality of life because the only negative side effects (sometimes) reported are red eyes, dry mouth and hunger.

Terry’s Top Picks from the Garden

With so many great strains from our fantastic growers, it’s hard to recommend one over the other. This month, we asked our founder, Terry to pick. Here’s what he suggests: “Old school cannabis lovers will appreciate the genetics in our Pure Kush and Golden Train strains.

Whether you’re an indica or a sativa lover, these strains bring smooth relief for stress, anxiety, depression, headaches and fatigue. Pure Kush is dense, with deep purple tones and smells of earthy woods. Golden Train is medium density with deep red hairs throughout the buds and the unmistakable flavor of pine and lemon. Mix them in a bowl, bong or vaporizer for an even deeper and balanced experience.

$10 ADD-On Flower

Look for the “$10 Add-On” icon on our Flower menu.  Add up to 10 grams of the Add-On strain to your order and you’ll receive it at a discounted price of just $10 per gram. Check back each Wednesday to find see which Flower is selected for this special promo each week.

*limitations may apply, to receive the discount, you must order at least one other item at regular price, while supplies last.

New Findings Highlight CBD’s Therapeutic Potential ….

From our friends at ProjectCBD. This summary is loaded with the latest scientific findings with respect to CBD and cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and other disorders.

During the last week of June, more than 400 scientists from 25 countries met in Montreal for the 27th annual symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS). Several presentations and posters showcased new findings about cannabidiol (CBD), the non-euphoric component of the cannabis plant that is transforming the medical marijuana landscape. Read full article here.