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Boost or Balance: Fun with Flower

Did you know you can combine your flower to create powerful combinations?

Whether you want to boost the head or healing effects of THC, tone down the head high or create a balanced ratio that works exactly for you, combining your flowers in your vaporizer, bowl or water pipe is simple and effective way to get the ultimate desired results.

Here are  few ideas:

In the Pines is very close to a  1:1 ratio on its own with CBD of 9% and THC of 6%. While this may be perfect for many on its own, for others it’s not enough.

When you add equal parts ITP to a 20% THC flower you would boost the overall THC to 26%. By doing this, you would create a a 1:3 ratio (CBD to THC) product, which can deliver a very potent head effect with a nice overall body melt from the CBD.

Alternately, by adding In The Pines to a CBD rich strain such as our CBD Remedy, you can create a 2:1 ratio.

CBD Remedy is 11% CBD with very little THC. Alone, this strain is ideal for quick relief from stress, anxiety and pain without the head high. It can also be used to bring you down more quickly in the event that you did use too much THC.

By adding equal parts CBD to an existing 20% THC flower, you can easily create a 1:2 ratio (CBD to THC). Or take 2 parts CBD Remedy with 1 part of 20% THC strain, and you can create a 2:1 ratio.

The scenarios are endless. And if you don’t want to smoke it, you can chop it and brew it with your favorite prepacked tea or other loose teas, herbs and spices.

While supplies last, you can add In The Pines or CBD Remedy to any order for just $10 per gram

No matter which way you try it, we urge you to keep a log of what you combine and how it worked for you, so it will be easy to recreate when you want to do it again.

Be Elevated. In all you do.


Your MMJ Recommendation in 2018

Many ask us why we still require the MMJ Recommendation if cannabis is now legal in California. The simple answer is that Prop 64 made cannabis legal for anyone 21 or over, but there are specifics in the law with respect to how it is sold. We continue to operate under the regulations related to medical dispensing, not recreational use and therefore the recommendation is still a requirement.

While the future is uncertain, here are some good reasons to maintain your recommendation.


What is a Recommendation?
“Physician’s recommendation” or a medical marijuana card means a recommendation from a licensed physician indicating that a person may benefit from the use of cannabis. Cannabis is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I drug and doctors are unable to prescribe it to their patients. But physicians can and many do, recommend its use.



What is a State ID Card?
The California Department of Public Health is responsible for issuing Medical Marijuana Identification Cards (MMICP), otherwise known as a state ID card. To apply for this card, visit:

State ID Card holders are exempt from the 7.5% local sales & use tax, sometimes local cannabis taxes, but NOT the 15% California Consumer Cannabis Excise Tax.


Why you should get (or renew) Your Recommendation for 2018

Some cities are only allowing Medical or Type M licenses, making a recommendation necessary if you want to purchase from a dispensary or delivery service near you.

If you are between the ages of 18-20, a medical recommendation will be required for access.

DAILY PURCHASE LIMITS (as of Jan 1, 2018)
If you have a recommendation, you are allowed to purchase more product or products with higher potency with each visit.
Flowers: 8 oz. vs 1 oz. for recreational use
Edibles: 100mg per package (beginning July 1, 2018 edibles will only be available in 100mg doses)
Tinctures, Capsules & Topicals: up to 2,000mg THC per container vs up to 1,000 for recreational use.

Some States outside of California will accept your CA Recommendation and often offer discounts on products as well as tax breaks.

Greenleaf Care – Carlsbad – 888.774.7076
Dr. Perry Sexton, M.D. – Encinitas – 760.274.1385
Dr. Arnold Kremer, D.O. – Del Mar – 858.925-8233

or ask your physician to complete form CDPH-9044

420 Specials

We’re So Happy to be Celebrating our Cannabis Freedom here in California.

While we still have a long way to go, we’re grateful for the steps that are being made toward full legalization here in North County. We’re confident we’ll all get there.

In honor of 420 this year, we’re pleased to offer the following three promotions for orders placed on Thursday 4/19/18 and Friday 4/20/18.

All Cirrus** and BriteLabs cartridges (regularly priced at $30)
just $20 each (mix and match, no limits)

Click here for a full list of strains available

Headband and Gorilla Glue Flowers just $9.64 per gram
(mix & match up to 14 grams)

We’re paying the sales tax! We know it hurts, we can’t make it go away, but this is one small way we can say “thank you” to everyone. For all orders placed on 4/19 and 4/20, RX-C will pay the taxes.

the fine print:
offer valid for orders placed on 4/19/18 and 4/20/18 
for delivery on 4/19, 4/20 or 4/21
**excludes 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 7:1 Cirrus brand cartridges

Order online or call us at 760-849-8250

Will You Trust Your Doctor?

The Medical Board of California has released guidance to its members with respect to when and why they might recommend cannabis. I wonder how many doctors follow such stringent protocols when deciding to prescribe dangerous, highly addictive pharmaceuticals. (Oh wait, those are federally legal, so it’s ok).

Prior to 1937, cannabis was prescribed by more than 100,000 doctors for treating hundreds of conditions. In the past 80 years, so much knowledge and understanding of this beneficial plant has been lost in the medical community. The human endocannabinoid system was discovered in the late 1980’s and today few doctors understand it, much less talk about it. As with overall nutrition, this is simply not a subject that is covered in medical school.  I find it an enormous disservice that a physiological system so vital to all our other systems is completely neglected and not understood by mainstream medical practitioners.

The notion of the Doctor-Patient Agreement to be provided and signed at the time of the recommendation, along with the simple chart included in the guidelines to help a doctor decide when cannabis might be a good choice infuriates me.  The guidelines state, “A patient need not have failed on all standard medications in order for a physician to recommend or approve the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes”. Yet, the sample flow-chart relating to pain management is clearly biased toward cannabis as a last resort, not as an viable and natural alternative to the dangerous narcotics being prescribed.

As a non-medical professional, it’s obvious to me that the first choice here is opioids and continuing to instill fear and mis-information to patients, by perpetuating the archaic belief that cannabis is highly addictive and dangerous.

But please don’t take my word for it, read the guidelines yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Price Reductions

We know the new consumer tax hurts. It hurts us to have to collect it from you. And it hurts us when we pay our distributors. But we’re all in this together.

To help ease the burden, we are pleased to extend the following price permanent reductions to popular items on our menu*:

  • Select Flower (see menu for options)
    3.5 gram (1/8th) $40
    7 gram (1/4) $75
    14 gram (1/2) $135
    Full ounce $260
  • $5 price reduction on CBD Alive 1:1, 10:1 and 20:1 Tinctures (now just $55 each)
  • Cirrus cartridges priced at 2 for $50 (regular price $30 carts)

*subject to availability of stock on hand, while supplies last

Delivery Service Changes for 2018

Beginning January 2, we will no longer offer same day delivery. To better accommodate and prioritize requested delivery times all orders will be delivered the next business day. Place your order at least one day* before you desire to receive your products. Please reference chart below for cut-off times.

We are happy to schedule your order up to 7 days in advance.

With this new program, orders can be delivered beginning as early as 1030am.


For Delivery On Place Order No Later Than*
Monday Saturday 330pm
Tuesday Monday 5pm
Wednesday Tuesday 5pm
Thursday Wednesday 5pm
Friday Thursday 5pm
Saturday Friday 4pm

For our members in the $200 delivery zones, we’ll continue to deliver on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday per our existing program. If you are uncertain as to your delivery zone, please ask a representative.

You may place your order online till 4pm daily (for next day delivery) or by phone until the designated times shown above.

Product Shelf Life

Many of our products have a shelf life of up to one  year when stored properly. Here’s a quick guide.

Best used within 6 weeks. If you keep them in pantry like conditions, unexposed to heat fluctuations and tip up, the oil can be good for up to three months. We guarantee against defects for 30 days from purchase.

Edipure – These candies are made fresh weekly and if kept in a dark cool place in an air tight container can be good for up to one year.

Paradise -These candies are made fresh weekly and if kept in a dark cool place in an air tight container can be good for up to one year.

Bhang or Satori Chocolate – Store in air tight container in a cool dark location. Shelf life is good for one year from “born-on” date (stamped or written on the package). Some people store their chocolate in the refrigerator, and while this can cause discoloration, will not affect the potency in any way.

Kaneh Co – Baked fresh weekly, these products have a shelf life of 3 weeks in the refrigerator and up to six months if frozen. We advise that you cut into the dose you require, seal in a zip lock bag and then put that into a freezer proof plastic tub. Be sure to mark the date you put it in.

While most tinctures do not require refrigeration (except CBD Alive), these can last you up to a year or longer if stored in the refrigerator. Be sure to avoid touching the spray or tip of the dropper with your hands or your mouth as this can contaminate the liquid in the bottle.

Flower, Wax and Hash
Always best consumed within three months of harvest. However, if stored in a dark glass container with an air-tight lid in pantry conditions, your herb can stay fresh and effective for up to six months. Never let your flower be exposed to light for any length of time and definitely do not keep it in your car or stored where it can be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Best kept in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to use. Take out one at a time.

Be sure to avoid touching the tip of the syringe with your hands or your mouth as this can contaminate the liquid in the bottle.

Creams and lotions are best kept in the refrigerator. Salves will harden, so keeping in pantry like conditions is best.


Always keep all cannabis products out of reach of children and pets.

What to Expect for 2018 -FAQs

Prop 64 regulations are put into place “officially” on January 1, 2018 and with it brings lots of changes. We’ve put together this guide to help you more easily navigate changes to our business model as well as information you should know.

If you have a question we haven’t addressed, please reach out to us so we can answer it and add to this page.

Cannabis is legal now so why do I need to renew my recommendation?
Cannabis is legal for adult use in California now and sales of same go into effect beginning January 1, 2018. SB94, which has rolled both Prop 215 (medical use law) and Prop 64 (adult use law) under a single regulatory framework mandate that a Dispensary must apply for either a medical or adult use (recreational) cannabis license.

RX-C will not have an immediate opportunity to apply for a license to sell cannabis for recreational purposes**, but will continue to operate under Prop 215 and the new regulations that apply to medicinal cannabis sales.

Therefore, we will continue to require a recommendation from all customers who wish to conduct business with us.

Why can’t I just come in and buy it?
At this time, we are delivery only. Until a local municipality in north county allows for us to apply for a license to set up a walk-in dispensary, we will continue with our current model. We will continue to offer product consulting services at our new location in January.

I can’t have a delivery to my home, can you just meet me on the corner?
For several reasons, the answer to this question is no. Our drivers must be able to come into your home or office so we may complete the transaction in private. If you are unable to receive a delivery in your home/office, for your own reasons, we will be unable to serve you. This rule includes asking us to call on arrival and meet you “out front”.

I read that if I have a recommendation I won’t have to pay sales tax. Why do you charge tax?
Sadly, cannabis is not treated the same way as your prescription and we are required by state law (since 1996) to collect and pay sales use taxes to California and local municipalties. The exemption from having to pay local sales tax applies only if you hold a state issued MMJ card (click here to read more on this topic). Upon presentation of a state card, we are happy to exempt you from the tax as required.

Is it true that all sales will include a 15% excise tax in addition to the sales tax?

Yes. The new law requires retailers to collect a 15% excise tax on all purchases. Therefore, in addition to the local use sales tax, you will see this new tax on every purchase. We regret that this was slipped into the language of the new law; we don’t agree that medical use should be subject to the tax, but we must abide by it to be in full compliance.

Will prices increase?
This is a tough question because we don’t have solid answers yet from our suppliers. The legislature just published the final regulations in late November and we’re all still digesting and understanding the various parameters in which we will now be required to operate. We promise you this: We will do our damndest to continue to keep prices as low as possible. If you haven’t already signed up for our Refill Delivery Program, now is a great time.


Other changes to expect based on the new regulations:

No Freebies – The new law mandates we are not allowed to give away incentive product. Therefore, effective January 1, 2018, we will no longer offer a Freebie item for purchases of $100 or more, our volume discount and Member Rewards program discontinued.

Daily Limits – The new laws set maximum daily purchases for medicinal users at 8 ounces (or 224 grams total combined products) vs 28 grams for recreational users. This is another good reason for you to maintain your medical cannabis recommendation.

15% excise tax on all purchases – The new law requires retailers to collect a 15% excise tax on all purchases. Therefore, in addition to the local use sales tax, you will see this new tax on every purchase. We regret that this was slipped into the language of the law; we don’t agree with it, but we must abide by it to be in full compliance.

Testing and labeling – For those of you who have been with us for some time, you know that quality and safety are our top priority. We are pleased to know that the new laws will now require all products to pass consistent testing protocols and have state mandated labeling. There is a six month grace period for the industry to transition, so expect to see changes in the way products are packaged. We’ll continue to educate on what it all means as it rolls out.

Age requirement – As has always been our policy, we will continue to serve adults 21 or over with a valid cannabis recommendation. Parents with children 21 or under who wish to administer products to children will be required to supply us with a caregiver recommendation.


California NORML has been a great resource for four decades. This page is full of very useful and concise information with respect to the new world order of cannabis legalization.

**no city in North County San Diego are currently offering regulated access.

Merry Christmas

May the timeless joy of Christmas fill your heart and home with love and wonder now and through the year.

From all of us at RX-C, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.