Boost or Balance: Fun with Flower

Did you know you can combine your flower to create powerful combinations?

Whether you want to boost the head or healing effects of THC, tone down the head high or create a balanced ratio that works exactly for you, combining your flowers in your vaporizer, bowl or water pipe is simple and effective way to get the ultimate desired results.

Here are  few ideas:

In the Pines is very close to a  1:1 ratio on its own with CBD of 9% and THC of 6%. While this may be perfect for many on its own, for others it’s not enough.

When you add equal parts ITP to a 20% THC flower you would boost the overall THC to 26%. By doing this, you would create a a 1:3 ratio (CBD to THC) product, which can deliver a very potent head effect with a nice overall body melt from the CBD.

Alternately, by adding In The Pines to a CBD rich strain such as our CBD Remedy, you can create a 2:1 ratio.

CBD Remedy is 11% CBD with very little THC. Alone, this strain is ideal for quick relief from stress, anxiety and pain without the head high. It can also be used to bring you down more quickly in the event that you did use too much THC.

By adding equal parts CBD to an existing 20% THC flower, you can easily create a 1:2 ratio (CBD to THC). Or take 2 parts CBD Remedy with 1 part of 20% THC strain, and you can create a 2:1 ratio.

The scenarios are endless. And if you don’t want to smoke it, you can chop it and brew it with your favorite prepacked tea or other loose teas, herbs and spices.

While supplies last, you can add In The Pines or CBD Remedy to any order for just $10 per gram

No matter which way you try it, we urge you to keep a log of what you combine and how it worked for you, so it will be easy to recreate when you want to do it again.

Be Elevated. In all you do.